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A one stop shop for personalized sleeves and replacement parts for Jiobit

Protective Sleeves

Jiobit is fun to wear when personalized with one of our sleeves. Made from durable Silicone, it also adds a layer of protection against dirt, sweat, and scratches.
Buy 3 or more sleeves and get 15% off! Use the code Get15.
Sky BlueShips late September
Camo Pink
Pattern may vary
Green Machine
(Ships 7/23)
Red Rover
(Ships 7/23)
(Ships 6/7)
Bubble Gum
Ships late September
Ships 6/7
(Ships 8/17)

All orders containing backordered items ship June 7


Our versatile attachments help you choose the perfect wearing option for your child.

Pin Lock PouchShips 6/7

(with magnetic key)
Attaches securely and discreetly to any type of clothing. Key required for removal.

Replacement Pin LocksShips 6/7

Pack of 4 locks and Pins. Discrete mid gray color. Robust Pin Disk.

Fabric SleeveShips 6/7

Fits shoe straps and belts up to 1.75" (44mm) wide

Flexible RingsShips 6/7

Pack of 6 colors
Small and versatile, attaches to loops or key rings. Specially sized for Jiobit.

Secure Loop
Ships 6/7

Attaches best to belt loops, tag loops, and buttonholes

Hem-lock Clip
Ships 6/7

Hem-lock clip with hem and seam grip. Best for athletic-wear.

Charging Dock and Cable
Ships 6/7

Additional or replacement charger and cable for Jiobit.

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