5 Olympic Sports to Watch with Your Kids

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March 18, 2019
Ethan Krupp

The Olympics have arrived! Every four years, it's a blast to sit with your family and introduce (or re-introduce) your kids to the global competition and root for your country. Here's our suggestions for best Olympic sports to watch with your kids. 

1. Gymnastics

It's fantastic, it's athletic, it's beautiful, it's amazing! Gymnastics gets a spotlight once every four years, and you always think, "I should watch this more." Of course you don't follow through, so even more reason for you and your family to enjoy now. Also, it teaches the importance of stretching!

2. Swimming

Michael Phelps just won his 19th Gold Medal, making him the (debatably) greatest Olympian of all time. GEt your kids in from of the TV so they can tell their grandkids they watched Michael Phelps live!

3. Volleyball

An important lesson to teach your kids: You can be tall and do other activities besides basketball. Wow these athletes can jump. Wow they hit the ball hard.  

4. Race Walking

If your company said, "Free lunch, but you have to walk 20km to get it," you understand Race Walking. What makes it walking is the athletes must keep one foot on the ground at all times. It's silly to watch, but fun for the family to cheer on the walkers!

5. Handball

If football and lacrosse are 2/3 of Quidditch, Handball is the final 1/3 (of course, forgiving the flying). Handball is popular around the world, but not so much in the USA, making it odd and endearing to watch. 

*NOTE: If this was the Winter Olympics, Curling would be in all 5 spots. 

Do you have a family favorite Olympic sport? Let us know below!


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