My Favorite Parenting Blogs: Tech Savvy Mama, Crowley Party and more

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March 18, 2019
Lindsay Slutzky

Mom Blogs and Mompreneurs

It’s nearly impossible to surf the internet without coming across the blogosphere . Name a topic, a category, an organization, or a trade, and there’s a blog for that.

Mom blogs, in particular, have become their own powerhouse of tips, advice, and recommendations for so many parents. Last week I shared a few favorite mom blogs, and here are five more!

Crowley Party

Life’s a party is Alycia’s motto. We should all take a page out of her blog and remind ourselves to focus on the positive. This new mama has the right idea.

Chronicles of Frivolity

If you believe that looking good=feeling good, then you need to check out Katey’s blog. I believe this to be true but need to find a way to escape my dirty toddlers long enough to make it happen.

A Mom's Take

Real women sharing real stories about parenting. Here you’ll find tips on everything from kid’s activities, traveling with kids, recipes, to beauty and health advice just for you.

City Girl Gone Mom

I can’t decide if I’m feeling inspired or inadequate after reading this blog. Either way I have a girl crush (or mom crush) on this mom of 4 and want to be just like her when I grow up.

Tech Savvy Mama

Did your child learn how to navigate an iPad before he could talk? You’re not alone. We’re in the digital age and it’s hard for parents to keep up. Between smart home tech, GPS trackers, cell phones, video games, and endless apps what’s a parent to do? Follow this tech savvy mama.


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