6 Unconventional Hacks To Make Mom Life Easier

Modern Parenting
March 18, 2019
Lindsay Slutzky

I can already sense the skeptical moms. “There’s no such thing as making this easier,” you’re probably thinking.

For the most part, I agree: There’s no easy button for parents. But each of us has our own little hacks that help get us through the week and if we’re being honest… there are a few that we don’t necessarily broadcast to the world. In an effort to avoid judgement it’s easier to pretend that we’re always going the extra mile for our kids. Well that’s just not possible most days in my world - or in anyone’s world and it’s okay to admit it.

If you’re looking for permission to cut a few corners then here you have it - my own list of unconventional shortcuts:

Limit bath time.

Some families love bath time. I agree that it can be a great way to fill up an hour over the weekend, but not during the week. I don’t need to deal with a Tsunami in my bathroom on a Tuesday night. And speaking of acts of God, that’s what it takes to get them out of the tub once they’re having fun making a wave pool. Forget it. Instead I opt for…

Minimize diaper changes.

With 2 kids in diapers, we probably go through anywhere from 10-20 diapers per day (my kids are fiber junkies). It’s one of our biggest expenses. Not to mention that diaper changes are always a battle in our house and, with two growing toddlers, a messy battle at that. My two secrets:

  • Pee does not always warrant a diaper change. If my kids are wet and not complaining, I’m holding off until there’s a solid reason to change them. NOTE: I do not leave them wet if they have any sort of rash or irritation (which they rarely do).
  • Get them to daycare before the first poop. Yes, I admit it. It’s a successful morning if I can get them out of the house without changing a poopy diaper.

Hide the fun stuff.

Sometimes you’re just not in the mood to make Play-Doh cupcakes or paint a watercolor masterpiece. And chances are that your kids are fine with that so long as they don’t see the Play-Doh or paint. I’m pretty sure my kids believe that certain toys just appear out of thin air - which happens to be only when I’m good and ready to deal with them.

Kids will survive and thrive on one meal a day.

Meal time is about as much fun as changing diapers in my house. Always a messy battle. Instead of trying to convince a bunch of angry three foot protesters that fruits and vegetables turn you into Superman, I just don’t. I do, however, believe in developing healthy eating habits. So I prepare every meal, offer it to my kids, and then accept the fact that they’ll feed it to the dog. There are enough reasons to lose sleep and this isn’t one of them. Whether in the form of breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or just an accumulation of snacks, I’m winning if I can get them to eat one decent meal each day. My kids are alive, well, and even thriving. If yours are too and meal time equals mission impossible, then let yourself off the hook.

Put them to bed in their clothes.

I really wish pajama day was every day. Or at least every week. Getting my kids dressed in the morning is a cross between a high intensity workout or a wrestling match. This is what inspired me to create my own pajama day. On most days my kids are wearing t-shirts and sweatpants, which to my husband’s disapproval, is exactly what I wear to bed. If it’s good enough for me, it’s good enough for them. Instead of putting them in their jammies at night, try putting them in what they plan to wear to school the next day. And then cross that task off the list for tomorrow.

Don’t separate laundry.

Do people still do this? Unless I’m bleaching whites (a rare occasion only forced by the most disgusting of accidents) I’ve completely abandoned this task. Like most moms, the majority of my laundry is kids clothing. Clothes that they’re either going to destroy or grow out of in 6 months. Why on Earth would I spend time to keep the brights brighter and the whites whiter? The only rule I have when it comes to laundry is that the machine door closes.

What about you? What mom hacks do you have? I’m always opened to new shortcuts so please share!


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