A Day At Disney With Jiobit

Child Safety
June 14, 2019
Jiobit Team

Many parents who are considering purchasing a location monitor for their kids do so in preparation for a trip or family vacation. Venturing out to unfamiliar and crowded places with little ones can be quite stressful. Walt Disney World is no exception and, in fact, can be the most daunting giving the vast sea of people and kids in every direction.

Mikaela J, lifestyle and travel blogger, and mom of 2 recently put Jiobit to the test. Mikaela and her family are Orlando natives and Disney World annual pass holders. Even given their familiarity with the area and parks, losing track of a child remains a concern. After using Jiobit to keep tabs on her 3 and 4 year old during their last trip to Disney, Mikaela had this to say, “For us, Jiobit has been a game-changer.  It provides security and the peace of mind I need when we are placed in crowded situations.”

Since then, she’s been using it whenever they travel (which is a lot). For more on how Jiobit helped turn a would-be stressful trip into a very enjoyable vacation, read the full article here.


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