Jiobit has Amazon Echo Skills

Product Updates
June 5, 2017
Ethan Krupp

One of the most popular tech products out there is the Amazon Echo. Using the Alexa voice service, people with an Echo in their home can talk to Alexa, asking to play music, read off the day's news, hear the weather, control the thermostat in their house and more. 

We thought: If you're chopping veggies or playing with kids in one room and can shout to Alexa in another room to set a timer, you should be able to do the same with people's locations. 


Now, you can ask Alexa where someone is if they have a Jiobit or the Jiobit app (so not just for kids, but for parents or caretakers as well). 


What other tech products do you think Jiobit could integrate with?