August Update: Product and Manufacturing Progress

Product Updates
March 18, 2019
John Renaldi

If you recall from my previous note earlier this month, we kicked off our next phase of manufacturing called Design Validation Test (DVT). One of our major milestones of that phase is to perform SMT (surface mount technology) placement of all the electronics on our final printed circuit boards (PCB). Pictured above are the very first batch of pre-production printed circuit boards and components coming out of our production factory.

This is a robotic placement and soldering of all the microprocessors, sensors, and radios onto the board itself. If you have never seen this before, it’s quite cool. Here’s a video of what the robotic placement looks like. 

We have now completed this milestone and the electronics have passed the quality inspections and factory test - meaning they power up and work. We will have the first eight boards in our hands later this week to begin radio and wireless testing on them.

In parallel, tooling of the plastic parts (the enclosure of the product) is almost completed, which means we now begin the mechanical aspect of DVT. Later this week, we will start the moldings of the housings, as well as the overmolding of our rubber material (which makes the product soft). Our engineering team is currently enroute to our factory in Malaysia and will be onsite during this process. I will be sure to send progress updates from the facility as the moldings are finalized and assembly of the complete product begins. 


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