Crowded Christmas Activities: What's a family to do without a kid tracking device?

Modern Parenting
March 18, 2019
Lindsay Slutzky

The holidays are here! So are crowds!

A wonderful as the holidays can be, there's no denying that the best activities are popular for a reason, and come with massive amounts of people. And until Jiobit hits the market, it's tough to keep track of the whole family, especially the little ones. 

Here are a few crowded holiday activities, and some strategies on dealing with crowds.


While your family pretends it's the Crachitt family for a few hours, remember that Victorian London was overrun with people, and Christmas Markets are no different. 

Tip: Pick a meeting point away from the market (a sculpture or a building lobby) so everyone has a place to go if they get separated.


When Arnold Schwarzenegger makes a movie about the shopping chaos, you know you're in for a heck of an afternoon.

Tip: Tell everyone to go to the (likely) big Christmas tree if separated. The tree should always be within eyesight. 


What you hope is a quaint Charlie Brown-esque afternoon turns into insane lines, expensive rentals, and too many people on the ice. 

Tip: Bring a hockey stick and clear everyone out of the way! Kidding. Bring some line waiting activities so your kids don't wander, and if they're not good skaters make sure to go around the rink with them.

Best of luck, and happy holidays!


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