From MickeyBlog: 5 Safety Tips For Your Disney Trip

Child Safety
June 14, 2019
Jiobit Team

If anyone knows how stressful planning and embarking on a Disney vacation can be, it’s the experts at Mickey Travels, an authorized Disney vacation planner. They also have a blog to share the latest info and insider tips.

We gave them a Jiobit to put to the test which resulted in the team including the product in a list of safety tips to consider before heading to Disney. In their words, “with a Jiobit, you’ll never have to worry about your child getting lost. You’ll be able to pull up an app and see exactly where they are at all times. It negates all potential stress of vacationing in an unknown area.” We agree!

To read more about how Jiobit can help you have a stress free vacation, plus other safety tips, check out the full article here.


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