"Home Alone" for real? Not with Jiobit.

Modern Parenting
September 4, 2019
Ethan Krupp

During the 1990 holiday season in the northern Chicago suburbs, Kevin McCallister was left home alone as his family took a trip to Paris.

What happened next is stuff of legend: The robbers, the traps, Old Man Marley, and the rest. But could it have been prevented?

Maybe not in 1990, but in 2017, there’s Jiobit, a wearable kid tracker.

Assuming Kate McCallister (Kevin's mom) has a smartphone, she would have known well before she boarded that Kevin was back at home, or follow his adventures to the store, knowing he was taking care of himself. She also could have monitored Buzz's whereabouts when he was hanging out with his girlfriend.

‍Apologies that we solved this problem and they can’t make any more Home Alone movies. But we’d love to offer Kevin McCallister a job: What an engineer!


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