Inside the Mind of a Jiobit Engineer: Seeing is Believing

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March 18, 2019
Dave Stude

As a software engineer, it takes a long time to love a product. We are trained to be skeptical. The slightest flaw keeps us up late, often lying in bed, noodling on how to fix it. And boy, early on there are a lot of those flaws. 

(As an aside, this makes us really tough to buy gifts for. I advise dodging the issue entirely. Buy hats and nice clothes and let us buy our toys.)

When we begin to design a product, there’s nothing there - it’s a concept, and a blue-sky concept at that. Blue sky concepts need a lot attention to the details - how do you meet the goals and expectations that your marketing team has set out? It sometimes feels impossible. The goals feel far-fetched because, often, you’re finding more issues to fix than you’re fixing.

It’s a frustrating process. You join a team and get excited about a product, then month after month that excitement gets worn down by the grind of hammering and refining.  

Then, something happens. The rough edges start looking smooth and you begin completing the features customers notice and the things that excite you personally. It gets real. Quickly. Suddenly there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and this thing you designed is part of a real product. It’s something you would proudly put in front of others and would use with your own family.

It’s taken a while for me to open up about Jiobit (telling people “not done yet” has gotten tiresome). But after a long, quiet, diligent slog, it’s here - we’re ready. I’m excited about Jiobit and willing to share my story. I’m thrilled to get our (symbolic) baby into real parents’ hands. I believe it is the best product available to help parents keep track of their kids and that we will continue to make it even better.  

For me, seeing and doing is believing, and now I believe.


Dave Stude is a firmware engineer at Jiobit.   Previously he's worked at Fresenius-Kabi, Baxter and Product Development Technologies.   He lives outside of Chicago with his wife, Erin and his 3-year-old daughter Rosemary.  He plays and watches lots of hockey in his spare time.


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