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March 18, 2019
John Renaldi

This past December, after months of teasing and hinting, we finally introduced the Jiobit design, and a sneak peek at some of the features. You may remember it looked like this. 

The reception was incredibly positive! Parents loved the size and how discreet it was when clipped onto kids’ clothes. Great! The product is ready. Pack it, ship it, let’s go!

Not yet. We received great feedback, but we weren’t completely satisfied. Our continued feedback from potential buyers, as well as from early testing, was that we needed to refine things further. In particular, this feedback came into three categories:

More Wearing Options

The first version of Jiobit has one way to wear it: Clipping onto clothes or shoe laces. While this was fine for some parents, others wanted more versatility.

Secure on Clothing

Some variation of, “Will it fall off?” was the top question we heard, which is a very valid concern. A location tracking device does no good if it’s not attached to the thing it’s tracking. This was particularly concerning for parents of special needs children, who wanted an option that couldn’t be removed by the child.


While Jiobit’s housing is soft on the skin, parents were concerned that the clip would be uncomfortable and distracting for their kids.

We Listened!

You’re our future customers, which means your feedback is incredibly valuable. We don’t want anyone thinking, “I can wait for version 2.0.” So we went back to the drawing board (and while we’re at it… decided to improve our antenna design to make the product more battery efficient and better performing) and here’s what we came up with.

Jiobit is now slimmer and lighter than it was before, which means that overall it’ll be less obtrusive on your kid’s clothes.

Watch this video of our designer Chris Houghton walking you through the new design.



Not only does the new Jiobit grip even better onto clothing, it’s more comfortable to wear.. For parents that don’t want any chance for it to come off, we’ve also designed in a childproof lock attachment which will secure it to clothing tags or belt loops. This will ensure it cannot be removed by children under the age of 10 years old.

We realized the product could not be a one size fits all approach to attachment preferences, which meant we came up with a modular capability to the new top of the device. This allows us to design more attachments in the future. In fact, drop us a note at if you have any ideas on how we can make more secure and wearable attachments.

Tech Not Sacrificed

We’ve been sharing videos and updates about Jiobit for a few months now; that it has up to two months of battery life, that it can track indoors, outdoors, and up or down, that you can set a “digital leash” with follow me mode, that it has machine learning capabilities, and more. Absolutely none of that has been sacrificed in this new design.

Going Above and Beyond on Security

Additionally, we took this time to strengthen the protection of your data: When it comes to protecting this sensitive data, we cannot just check the box. We have to go the extra mile (or two). That’s because Jiobit collects location data of those wearing the device, which is your kids.  

Given the lackluster approach to security we’ve seen in the industry, we have to do way better. To mention a few of the security upgrades, we added device authentication (similar to a chip credit card), additional security on for your smartphone app, user authentication to make sure it’s you (the parent) logging on, and more.

In this redesign, absolutely none of that changes. We have not sacrificed the technology to fit this new design, but upgraded performance and security while making it more versatile, lighter and slimmer. Jiobit is still the world’s smallest and longest lasting location tracker built specifically for kids.


Let us know if you have any questions or thoughts about the new design. We're excited to get it in your hands!


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