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March 18, 2019
John Renaldi

“Have you thought of doing a Kickstarter?”

Yes, we have. After thinking about this a lot over the past 12 months, but we decided against it, or any type of crowdsourcing platform.

“But people buy tons of new products on Kickstarter, and Jiobit is new!”

Correct. Kickstarter is full of interesting and exciting new products and concepts. The Jiobit team is full of gadget geeks: Trust me, we’ve bought plenty of Kickstarter devices over the years.

Instead, we’ve decided to run our pre-order through our own website. There’s a number of reasons for doing so.

1) We aren't dependent on orders/donations to manufacture the product

Typically, gadgets on Kickstarter haven’t raised much money, if any, from investors. That means in order to manufacture, they will use your donations to cover some of their salaries, the costs of production and manufacturing, tooling, testing, and certifications. This gets extremely risky if a campaign doesn’t raise enough money, or if they underestimate manufacturing and R&D costs. They quickly start losing money with each order - and you likely won’t get your product, and maybe not your money.

To date, we’ve raised enough capital from investors to cover all of our R&D costs which cover all that goes into the engineering and manufacturing. Our purchase orders for components are placed, our schedule set, and units will start shipping in November, regardless of how many pre-orders we receive.

2) We want your trust

There have been some remarkable products that come from Kickstarter: Products that ship on time and deliver the promised experience. However, the opposite is also true. Products with massive delays, that don’t work well, that changed specs so you don’t get what you thought you ordered, or don’t ship at all. On top of that, campaigns aren’t obligated to refund you ever. There’s no way of knowing which type of campaign you’re backing. As a team building a product for parents and children, we need to do better than this.

Jiobit is very real. We have working units in the field, performing as advertised. If there’s a glitch, we will fix it before it’s shipped. The engineering team, the majority of which were formerly from Motorola, are used to a high standard of performance for products, and Jiobit is no different. By coming to our site, hearing what Jiobit can do directly from us, and pre-ordering from us (where you can cancel your order at any time, plus a 30 day return policy after shipment), we think this is the far more trustworthy way to launch our product, one that is built around security.

3) We want you to come to our site

Kickstarter drives tons of traffic each day to countless campaigns. They use a standard template that aims at getting as many eyes as possible on new products pre-order pages. While this template works for some products, it’s not optimal for all. In our case, we’re encouraging families to have a discussion about child safety. We have an incredible in-house design and UX team that’s designed an engaging and informative website intended to help parents have this discussion and make a decision. No doubt, you’ll better understand our product and the experience it provides on our site, rather than the endless scrolling campaign on another site.


We’re thrilled to be open for pre-orders, and hope you take the time to explore our site, learn about Jiobit, and begin having that important conversation with your family about your child’s safety.


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