Jiobit Launches First of Its Kind Child Location Tracker in Time for Mother's Day, Summer Break

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March 18, 2019
Jiobit Team

Chicago, May 7, 2018 - Tech startup Jiobit has built the world’s smallest and longest lasting location tracker for kids, giving modern parents much needed peace of mind when it comes to their child’s safety. After two years of R&D and field trials with thousands of parents, the Chicago-based business has officially launched the location tracker in time for Mother’s Day and summer vacation.

Jiobit CEO and co-founder, John Renaldi started the company after he lost track of his six year-old son during a summer family outing. That fearful experience and knowing there wasn’t adequate tech on the market that would allow a parent to track their child at any distance set this journey in motion. There was a need for a product that would help keep children safe while also giving them additional freedom to explore.

Jiobit pairs with a smartphone to deliver real-time alerts about a child’s location. This tiny, yet durable tracker uses its own proprietary and patented technology called Progressive Beaconing to achieve up to a week of battery life and track in every location (over 150 countries) - even indoors - no matter the distance. Other key features include superior tamper-proof data security and encryption that is COPPA compliant, geofencing and mobile geofencing capabilities, the ability to add family and babysitters so you know who your child is with, and a live mode setting that allows parents to track their child in real time.

Early pre-order Jiobit users have expressed how Jiobit has made their job a little easier. Officer Marc Beretta of the San Jose, CA police department uses the product for his young son. “I have responded to hundreds of lost children and calls. Time is critical when locating  the missing. Since I've been using Jiobit with my own child, I've begun recommending it to those I serve in the community. Jiobit is a must have when it comes to keeping kids safe,” said Officer Beretta. 

To date the company has raised $6M from venture capital firms and strategic angels investors, including Symantec’s Chief Scientist, Mike Spertus. Spertus’s involvement is a nod to the company’s focus on security, building the only fully encrypted consumer location tracker on the market today. For more on the effort being put behind this visit this article on the company blog.

Launching May 7, 2018, Jiobit gives parents peace of mind and another trusted tool to help keep their kids and loved ones safe. For more information about Jiobit please visit

About Jiobit:

The Jiobit team is comprised of seasoned designers, marketers, and engineers with a history building innovative and disruptive consumer products and businesses. Collectively the team has shipped dozens of hardware and software products worldwide and has over 100 patents. Jiobit is proudly headquartered in Chicago, with a software development center in Silicon Valley. In 2016, the company completed the prestigious Techstars accelerator program. Jiobit is available to order now.


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