Jiobit makes me feel like a Supermom!

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June 14, 2019
Jiobit Team

We are excited to spotlight one of our very special users, Donna Wilson. Donna is a mom of 2 and has been using Jiobit for a year. She's been instrumental in providing valuable product feedback and helping us to improve the overall Jiobit experience. Additionally, it was her suggestion that lead to the incredible partnership we now have with KultureCity, a nonprofit on a mission to promote sensory inclusion around the world. We are so grateful to have her support.

Donna was kind enough to share with us how Jiobit has helped her family. In her words, "Jiobit makes me feel like a supermom!" We couldn't be more thrilled to hear that from a valued customer. See her story below:

As a mom, I feel like I have one job: to keep my kids safe and the first step is knowing where they are. With Jiobit I know my children are in a trusted place even when I am not with them. Jiobit gives me a way to encourage independence and build trust without taking unnecessary risks. I can even use Jiobit to make sure they are active during field trips. This is especially important because I am mom to two young boys with varying abilities on the autism spectrum. When they were both diagnosed, I began looking for answers. I found Jiobit.

Jiobit put an affordable price on peace of mind, but my favorite part is that I don't have to stand and wait cluelessly at the corner bus stop in the sun on hot days in Florida. When the bus runs late, other parents call school bus transportation then wait on hold with all of the other concerned parents and caregivers but even the bus garage dispatcher doesn't have my child's real-time location information. With Jiobit, I do!

-Donna Wilson


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