Jiobit October Product and Manufacturing Progress

Product Updates
March 18, 2019
John Renaldi

Since the last update, here’s a few key accomplishments to highlight: 

Quality control - To ensure the highest quality product ships out of the gate, our team has created a variety of custom test fixtures we install on the manufacturing line. These machines automate various tests to make sure any manufacturing issues are caught early. Theses tests measure the various radios/antennas, the electrical components that power on and run the software, automated visual and audio inspections to make sure the LEDs work and the alert speaker makes sounds, and air pressure tests to look for any breaks in the water seals (for water proofing). 

Software - The team continues to make progress on the features and UX learnings from field usage. Here’s a quick example of the app showing how close or far the Jiobit is from you as you move closer or further away from your child. Continued optimizations in device power savings, stability, and location accuracy continue. Attachment accessories - The clip attachments tooling will be completed next week and we should have first parts of the tool (FOT) in hand by mid month. We will add these into final field user testing to eventually adjust the clip strength and the tooling. 

Charging Dock - Our charging dock samples have been manufactured and have arrived. Here’s a video to show how the Jiobit “clicks” in place when placed into the dock. This allows for it to be wall mounted if need be.

Antenna/Regulatory - As I mentioned previously, we have seen radio performance that exceeds most wearables in the market and is on par (if not exceeds) that of most smartphones. We have now submitted to the FCC for certifications. 

Packaging - Our first prototypes have been completed (images above) by our supplier. We’re finalizing graphics, and making some structural and material changes. Final packaging should be completed by mid October. 


Thanks for your support. As always, let me know if you have any questions. 


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