Jiobit Partners with Kringle Labs to Track Santa's Reindeer

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April 13, 2020
Lindsay Slutzky

Santa’s Village, North Pole, December 21, 2019 - Location-based technology company, Jiobit, has partnered for a second time with Kringle Labs to bring real-time location updates of Santa’s journey on Christmas Eve exclusively to thousands of Jiobit customers around the world.

The company’s first product, a location tracker for children and pets (both naughty and nice) hit the market in 2018 and was recently awarded a substantial contract with the U.S. Air Force for its Small Business and Innovation Research. This partnership certainly demonstrates that Jiobit's technology platform can meet U.S Air Force mission needs. Jiobit CEO and co-founder, John Renaldi states, “If it's good enough for the Air Force it's good enough for the big guy. It only made sense to send him Jiobit pet trackers to keep tabs on his reindeer on their biggest trip of the year.”

Santa Claus commented, “I’m thankful to have Jiobit to keep track of the reindeer on Christmas Eve and in the off season. I mean, Dasher is, well, a dasher.”

Jiobit tracks in real-time at any distance. It works in over 150 countries and with up to a week of battery life, it’s the perfect tool to track Santa’s global trip. Current users of Jiobit will be able to track Santa’s location via the Jiobit App on their parents’ phones.

With the help of Santa’s elves and secret government agencies, Jiobit engineering teams will be running test flights starting today to ensure that it’s working correctly and that every Jiobit user can see when Santa Claus is coming to town.

About Jiobit:

The Jiobit team is comprised of seasoned designers, marketers, engineers, and Santa Claus fans. The team has a history of building innovative and disruptive consumer products and businesses. This year they were recognized with a Chicago Innovation Award for Technology and Consumer Products. While they have shipped thousands of hardware and software products worldwide, they are excited to announce that this is the first time that they’ve delivered a product to the North Pole.

About Kringle Labs:

Santa is the CEO of Christmas, where he delivers presents to children year after year at an alarmingly consistent rate. The company is HQd in Santa’s Village in the North Pole. Having been in business for centuries, Santa’s success has come down to one specific motto: Be good for goodness sake. 


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