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March 18, 2019
John Renaldi

The saying is it takes a village to raise a child. I’d say the same about a startup.

I’m proud to announce Jio’s Advisory Board, all-stars in design, manufacturing, sales and more. Each will elevate Jiobit in ways I can’t imagine, and I’m honored to work with each of them.  

Lior Ron

Lior is an industry icon, and we’re thrilled to work with him. He is the former Google Maps Lead before moving to Motorola. Recently he co-founded Otto, which develops self-driving commercial trucking technology.

Dennis Roberson

As the former Vice Provost of Illinois Institute of Technology and former Cleversafe board member, Dennis is an expert in all things tech and product R&D. Currently he sits on the board of the Federal Communications Commission. We’re fortunate to be able to take advantage of his years of expertise.

Ross Niemi

Ross has a strong tech background and a wealth of experience bringing consumer electronics to market. He’s previously held executive roles at Dell and Motorola. We’re excited to have him onboard.

Andrew Heddle

Andy is an industry pro whose expertise will help as we expand our distribution to other retail and eCommerce channels. We will definitely tap into his retail insights (from years at Best Buy, Carphone Warehouse) on this journey.

Jeff Lutz

Jeff is in his 20th year leading the engineering and new product manufacturing teams that prototype and then rapidly scale mobile products into the millions. He was responsible for the introduction of several firsts in the industry including the first DROID handset, android smartwatch, android tablet, and others and continues to manage that portfolio. Currently Jeff is CVP Supply Chain & Chief Quality Officer at Motorola Mobility.

Jim Wicks

Jim is best known as the leader of Motorola Mobility’s product design where he has served for 15 years designing iconic products like DROID, Moto X, and Moto 360. We’re fortunate to be able to leverage his years of expertise as we design our very first product, Jiobit.

I told you: All-stars.


Later this year, we’re introducing, Jiobit. Sign up for updates to hear from us when we release more info.

JohnCEO, Jio


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