Making Halloween Safer for Young Trick or Treaters

Traveling with Kids
March 18, 2019
Lindsay Slutzky

You are 4 years old. You dress up as your favorite unicorn or Star Wars original trilogy bad guy. You aren't allowed candy all year except for your birthday and today. Today, of course, is Halloween. You are running from house to house like your life depends on it. This is the loot that is going to last you all year, so you have to maximize time before mom says it's time to go home.

You are a parent. Your children are going f-ing wild. You hardly let them eat candy, and they know you aren't bending on those rules any time soon. They are running between houses and stores like Usain Bolt. And you are panicking, because there's a lot of people and dogs on the sidewalk and your little ones aren't exactly "following the rules" you discussed beforehand.

This is the moment Jiobit was made for: Lots of crowds, excitable kids, costumes where every kid looks the same.

When I looked the other way, or followed the wrong Darth Vader for a second, I quickly checked the Jiobit app and saw the distance between me and each of my kids, all in real time. When my husband was with one and I was with the other, I could see where everyone was, and even analyze our CPM rate (candy per minute).

In all seriousness, it made what could have been a stressful day much easier for me, and much for enjoyable for my kids. They trick-or-treated at their pace, I followed them on foot and via Jiobit to make sure they were safe.

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