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Traveling with Kids
March 11, 2020
Lindsay Slutzky

Summer is almost here, which means warm weather, spending time outside, and if you're a parent, sandy car seats, sunscreen battles, day camp pickup lines, road trips, crowded places, etc, etc. Summers with little ones can be the best - except when they’re not - so you have to be prepared.

Here are 4 things I’m not leaving the house without.

Collapsible Stroller

I know this is pretty obvious - we all have a stroller. But the wrong stroller can turn family field trips and vacations into a complete hassle. When I had my second baby, my husband and I went out and bought “the bus” - our term for this enormous double stroller that will hold a toddler + baby carrier. And of course, it was expensive - over $200 if my memory serves me right, which means I was committed to it. I was going to use the bus until my kids didn’t fit anymore. Until I actually tried to go anywhere except around the block with it… It was too big! Here’s an alternative that you can get on Amazon. Seriously the best $80 I spent on my toddlers. It’s lightweight, easily collapsible and doesn’t take up a huge amount of space in our SUV. Mom for the win!

Car Games to Stay Entertained

As a human, you thought there was a limit to the number of times you could listen to "Let It Go" in a row. Apparently, my children aren't human, because they know of no such limit. So this summer I’ll be armed with additional, non-Frozen song-related activities. Color Wonder is a road trip favorite in my house. The ink only appears on the Color Wonder paper so you don’t have to add marker stains to the list of things you’ll find on your leather car seats. Of course, I still have the Frozen DVD when all else fails.

Snack and Sippy Cup

Food is the way to anyone’s heart, so I don’t think this one needs explaining. Snacks will keep them occupied for hours. Am I creating unhealthy food habits? Probably, but I’ll save that for another blog post. Is it quiet during hour 5 of a 7-hour trip? Yes! Done.


Shameless plug right here. But seriously don’t travel without one. Jiobit lets you track your kid's location and alerts you if they wander too far away, which is especially useful in crowded places, like beaches or summer festivals. It's a better GPS tracker for kids because it stays alive longer (up to 2 months) and it's kid-proof (tiny, durable, water-resistant).


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