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March 18, 2019
Jiobit Team

Mom Blogs and Mompreneurs

Mom blogs, in particular, have become their own powerhouse of tips, advice, and recommendations for so many parents. A 2015 survey showed that 81% of moms read 5+ blogs per week. Why is that? For me, these influencers or “mompreneurs” are an inspiration to all of us looking for balance among our endless obligations. Whether these moms appear to have it all together, or just give us permission to be a hot mess it helps us feel connected, understood, and less alone.

According to BabyCenter report, 1 in 5 moms have started a blog with a substantial following. With less and less time in the day it’s tough to decide which ones to follow. Given my job requirement of connecting with parents and understanding parenting trends I’ve been subscribing to a ton of blogs recently. There are definitely some standouts and each week I’ll share some of them - starting with these super moms.

Stroller In The City

Brianne talks about travel, fashion, and city living. This mom of 3 reminds me that just because I’m a mom doesn’t mean I have to throw fun and coolness out the window. A reminder that I definitely need...

Our Ordinary Life

If you’re looking for parenting tips and mom hacks, look no further. Mom of 3, Kristin, also talks about her experiences as a business woman which is really inspiring to me as a fellow working mama.

The Mommyhood Chronicles

Melissa has 3 kids and her secret to happy parenting seems to be humor. I agree with her! Go check out her blog for a good laugh.

A Mama in Love

Natalie is a fit mama of 2 and I love how she weaves health and fitness into her daily life. Not always easy to do when you’ve got little ones constantly hanging on you.

Mommy Poppins

I stumbled upon Anna’s blog doing something I said I’d never do… planning a trip to an indoor waterpark. Her suggestions weren’t geographically relevant to me but if you’re in the NYC area them out here. She has a tons of other tips on family friendly activities as well.


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