Moms! Update Your Resume With These 5 Super Powers

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March 18, 2019
Lindsay Slutzky

Being a mom is the hardest job there is. And yes it is a job. A 24/7 unpaid and sometimes thankless job that nobody gets enough credit for. I’m not complaining. I’m just stating a fact.

I’ve always wondered why moms don’t include this full time job on their resumes. Is it because sleep training, diaper changing, mac n’ cheese making, and chauffeuring aren’t real skills? Perhaps not at that granular level but has anyone ever looked at the big picture? Has anyone ever thought about the overarching expertise needed to develop the next generation of independent people? I have, and to all the moms out there, cheers to you! As far as I’m concerned, we’re all qualified to either be running multi-billion dollar companies or saving the world. Or both.

Here are 5 common resume buzz phrases and what they truly mean when you’re a mom. They’re more like super powers if you ask me.

Problem Solving & Crisis Management

Translation: Avoiding disasters by thinking fast, acting faster, improvising, and hoping for a miracle.

This is an everyday responsibility and one you can never fully prepare yourself for. At 5pm you might learn about a social studies project that’s due tomorrow. I know, I know… there are natural consequences for this type of procrastination and technically it’s not my problem. But sometimes you help your kid out because, you know, you’re a mom… In that same 24 hours your toddler might decide that he doesn’t want to wear his shoes because “they’re dangerous.” I’d say 80% of my job is handling irrational beliefs and crises. Avoiding a complete disaster takes critical thinking and fast action. And sometimes an act of God.

Strategic Planning

Translation: Moving mountains to make progress and achieve milestones.

I have countless goals for my kids and for myself as a parent. It’s only natural that I build a strategy around achieving them. This year has been the year of potty training. My strategy was patience, encouragement, incentive (in that order). So far the plan has been a bust which has lead me to a continuous pattern of test/learn/repeat because giving up on goals we have for our kids is never an option.



Translation: Growing an extra set of arms and eyes.

This will come naturally when you become a mom. If it doesn’t you’ll figure it out real quick because, right or wrong, our society has set that expectation (hello hands-free double breast pump). Last week I managed to make the dinner, serve the dinner, mop up spilled milk, pick up a playroom full of toys, switch the laundry, feed the dog, change a diaper, and take out the garbage. All in 30 minutes. Boom.


Risk management

Translation: Keeping kids safe and healthy no matter the cost.

Moms are always prepared for the worst thanks to our keen ability to predict all possible outcomes in any situation. Our #1 job is to keep our kids safe and healthy and the list of precautions we’ll take has no limits. If anyone has ever wondered what’s in our massive mom bags just rest assured that we’re armed with the tools to fight off bad weather, unexpected illness, and zombies.   

Exceptional Organization

Translation: Never missing a beat while carrying the world on our shoulders.

I’m not talking about being physically organized. You can be an amazing parent despite the fact that your house looks like a disaster zone. I’m talking about the mental capacity a mom has to have to keep it all together. School schedules, kids activities, doctor appointments, plus our own personal responsibilities is a lot to manage. The truth is though that it doesn’t matter how heavy our load is. We’ll always figure out a way to get it all done and get everyone where they need to be. Oh and if someone does happen to lose their Elsa doll’s tiny shoe in the aforementioned disaster zone… mom will find it.

Being A Mom Is My Super Power

When my sons ask me what my superpower is I can boil it down to this - raising 4 boys. That’s right. It takes a superhero to be mom. Whether you’re actually trying to get a job or a promotion, or just looking to give yourself some positive affirmation, remember what you’re truly capable of. Not everyone can do what you do. So celebrate your super self and all the other boss moms out there. You deserve it in May and everyday.


In honor of Mother’s Day, let’s give kudos to all the hard work we do. I’d love to hear what other super powers you have so please share below.

UPDATE: Listen to Lindsay talk about working at a startup and juggling a family life.


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