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Modern Parenting
March 18, 2019
Lindsay Slutzky

When I first spoke to my husband about the opportunity to join a startup building a wearable location tracker for kids, he was all for it. It was an opportunity for me to take on a project that kept me connected to parents and kids. It was an opportunity for me to help other parents in their journey to raise independent and resilient humans. He was behind me 100%.

Just like I wouldn’t make a career decision without his support and buy in, I very rarely make a parenting decision without the same. Okay yes, If one of my sons hooks a bungie cord to his pants and launches himself off the back of our pickup, then I’ll address it without consulting my husband. By the way if you’re wondering, this really did happen and I handled it by saying “what the heck are you doing??” then unhooked him, shaking my head as he walked away pulling out a massive wedgie. Thank you natural consequences…


But when it comes to our children’s education, health, and safety, those are parenting decisions that we make together. Conversations about our kids safety come up frequently in our crazy household. Worry is just an emotion that I’ve gotten used to, as well as my constant search for ways to alleviate it. Covered outlets, furniture affixed to walls, child locked cabinets, helmets, seat belts, and covering them in bubble wrap (just kidding... kinda...) are all things we do as preventative measures. Because to be honest, and shockingly enough, my kids have never stuck their finger in a socket, pulled a dresser down on themselves, or drank a bottle of Ivory Liquid… Yet. Regardless, we still take the precaution for 2 reasons: obviously to prevent a catastrophe; but also to calm our own worry and anxiety. If there’s a simple way to prevent my child from falling down the stairs, then why wouldn’t I do it?

Before working on Jiobit, I hadn’t really heard of or thought about tracking my kids. Surprising because, as parents of 4 boys, we’ve had several panicked moments where we’ve lost track of them. The scariest was at a sporting event game when our then 6 year old took off just as the game let out. It took my husband over 30 minutes to find him. Did we think about a tech solution at that point? Not really because it didn’t exist yet - or not that we knew of. Instead we basically vowed to never let them out of our site. Not a realistic solution when you’re trying to encourage independence… Or when you have 3 other kids to chase after.


As modern parents, we have a lot more tools at our disposal then our parents. Thus the decisions we make for our families are more complex. And we get judged for it! We’ve all listened to our parents talk about how they survived without cell phones, iPads, and souped up baby gear. My grandparents didn’t have a washer and dryer in their house, but my parents sure did. There’s no shame in taking advantage of the advancements of our time. If it fits within your values as a parent, then use what’s available to you. That’s why my husband and I agreed that we’d use location tracking technology for our kids. And in our case, since we have lost track of a kid before, there wasn’t much of a conversation to be had. If there’s a simple way (and yes it’s simple) to know where our kids are when we’re not with them, why would we not do it? In fact, how could we not?

If you’re looking for more info about Jiobit and how it might help your family, visit our home page. We’d love to help make the hardest job in the world a little less stressful for you.


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