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Today I'm Letting My Son Walk Home From School by Himself

Modern Parenting
October 30, 2017
John Renaldi

October 30th marks a big parenting milestone for my wife and me.

Today, we’re letting our 8-year-old son walk home from school by himself.

We live about a 7 minute walk. Until now we’ve been too nervous to allow him to to do this. We worried he might wander, get curious or distracted, and we wouldn’t know if and when he made it home safely.  

So what happened between last week and today? My kids have been wearing the Jiobit consistently with some of our latest software for a couple weeks and now I have enough confidence to give my oldest a little more freedom. This coming from John the parent (not John the CEO).

Ultimately, this is why I started Jiobit: Teaching my kids independence, and giving me peace of mind to know they’re safe.