What is Jio?

Jio is the company behind Jiobit, a wearable tracker for your kids.   

What is Jiobit?

Jiobit is a wearable tracker for your kids. Its 50% smaller than similar products, making it nearly invisible, compared to the bulky trackers on the market.

How does Jiobit work?

Jiobit (the device and the app) uses a variety of motion sensors, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cellular and GPS technologies to communicate. Essentially, the device (which is on your kid) uses tons of tools to inform you where the device is located.

How accurate will the location tracking be?

Indoors, Jiobit will be able to track within 10-100 feet. Outdoors with GPS, it will be less than 10 feet. Because we’ve included a barometer, Jiobit will even be able to tell you if your child is above or below you. This means that if you’re shopping on the 1st floor and your kid scampered up the escalator, the app will let you know.

Can I get a Jiobit in a different color?

Currently one color is available, but working on additional colors for the future. Also we’re working on other ways for kids to personalize their Jiobit.

Do I need a smartphone to use Jiobit?

A smartphone or  a tablet will work with the app.

Which type of smartphone or tablet?

As long as it runs on iOS or Android, you’re good to go.

What if I lose it?

Jiobit is a location tracking device, therefore its location will always be available to you through the app in case you lose it (assuming the device is charged).  Jiobit is also equipped with sound (a Piezo audio transducer). Once you are close to your device, you can select the “Find my Jiobit” feature from the app, which will turn on the audio from the device, so that you can find the Jiobit easily.

Is Jiobit waterproof?

It’s water resistant. But we built Jiobit to sustain in the most hostile of environments, because kids can be brutal. It’ll survive mud, spilled milk, and a wrestling match.

Will Jiobit survive in the wash?

It can, but we don’t recommend it. Jiobit uses a combination of sensors to detect if Jiobit has accidentally been placed in the wash. As soon as Jiobit detects it is in the wash, it will send you a notification informing you so that you can take appropriate action.

Will Jiobit fall off?

It should not. We’ve designed it with special grip fingers and magnets to attach securely to thin or thick clothing, minimizing the chances of the device falling off.

Will my kid want to wear Jiobit?

We’ve designed Jiobit to be small and discreet so that it won’t interfere with your kids being kids. We also use soft Silicone so that it’s soft against the skin and won’t irritate.

Can anyone remove this device or cut it out?

It's attached to the clothing, so it's possible for an adult to remove it.

I have a lot of kids. Talk to me about discounts.

We’ve got ‘em. Send us an email at

Can I turn Jiobit off?

No. Jiobit is an always on device. Jiobit uses its many sensors to intelligently detect when to be on standby vs. when to turn on certain functionalities. This allows the Jiobit’s battery to last longer.

When can I order and when will it be delivered?

We will begin shipping next Fall (Oct. 2017).

Why are you charging me for my order if I'm not getting it for months?

This way you can reserve your Jiobit and get great discounts that won’t be available later. If you want to cancel your order any time before it’s shipped, we will give a full refund. Also we’ll give you inside access to the Jiobit’s development and progress as we get ready to ship. Additionally, you won’t be charged for the Data Plan until the device is delivered to you and the plan begins.

Do you ship internationally?

No. Jiobit is only available to order in the United States at the moment.



Where should my kid wear Jiobit?

Your kid can wear Jiobit in a variety of locations. Please see the image for some wearing options.

A few suggestions:

-Top of pants, skirt, shorts

-Laces of shoes


Does Jiobit work indoors?

It does! It can connect to Wi-Fi, bluetooth, and GPS. Also, if you are in a multi-level building, like a mall or a giant grocery store, you will be notified if your kid is on a different floor than you.

Does it need to be connected to Wi-Fi?

No. Jiobit doesn’t need to be connected to Wi-Fi.  However, if you give Jiobit access to your home Wi-Fi, and the Wi-Fi of your neighbors and trusted watchers, Jiobit will connect to these networks, and it will help Jiobit’s accuracy and battery life.

Does Jiobit work if my family and I are out of the US?

It does: in 120 countries. Email us ( if you have a question about a country you’re visiting soon.

Can I put Jiobit on my dog or cat?

Totally, it’ll work in the exact same way.  Also, because animals typically stay in the same locations for long periods of time, the battery life should last even longer.

And please take a picture or video and send it in if they do something adorable and/or hysterical.  


Everything has an app these days.

I know, right?

What can I do with the app?

You can track your kid’s location (assuming they’re wearing a Jiobit), set different types of modes (like Follower Mode for crowded locations, where your kid should be within 20 feet of you or you get a notification), and set Trusted Zones (like school, or a neighbor’s home).

What does the app "learn" on its own? 

The Jiobit app learns Trusted Zones and typical patterns (if your kid walks to school, for example) to confirm your kid is in a safe location.

What type of notifications will I receive on the app?

You can control whether you receive any of the following notifications:

-When your child leaves your home

-When they arrive at a designated area

-When your child is a certain number of feet away from you in a crowded area

-When they are at an unrecognizable location

-When the Jiobit is not on them

-When the Jiobit is in the wash

Can I control how many notifications I receive?

Yes. You can personalize which notifications you get.  Also, as Jiobit learns behaviors and patterns, it will only send parents a notification if your child deviates from a normal behavior or pattern, unless you prefer a more constant stream of updates.

If I have two Jiobits, can my app connect to both of them?


I have older kids with their own smartphones, can I track them using the Jiobit app?

Absolutely and we recommend it. Once you’ve purchased a Jiobit you can download the app to multiple smartphones and track your entire family if you want to. Once the app has been downloaded, you can track that smartphone without needing a Jiobit device.

Can I add multiple authorized users?

Yes. The admin (you) can assign ‘Trusted Watchers’ who can also download the Jiobit app and track your child. This would be appropriate for grandparents, babysitters, etc.

The ‘Trusted Watchers’ become part of ‘The Jio Network’.


You say it can last for over a week. I’m suspicious.

It can! We created a system where the device intermittently checks in with its surroundings, rather than being constantly connected. This means the battery can last a long time, especially when the device is in known locations.

How will I know when Jiobit needs to be charged?

We’ll send you a notification through the app. The Jiobit’s LED will also light up to reflect low battery.

How will my kid know when Jiobit needs to be charged?

He/She won’t. Only you will through the app or the LED. Your kid is only responsible for putting it on and not losing it (we’ll send you a notification if we think it’s not being worn or lost).

Jio - Red Glow.png

How often do I need to recharge Jiobit?

Depends on the week, but we anticipate it will need a recharge once a week.

How do I recharge my Jiobit?

Jiobit comes with a charging dock that can be wall mounted or sit on a flat surface. 



What is the service plan and why do I have to join?

The subscription plan includes the following:

  • Access to location monitoring and fitness/activity tracking via a downloadable smartphone app for yourself and your Trusted Viewers (iOS and Android versions)
  • Nationwide service for location reporting/tracking for your kid’s location: home, school, the park, on vacation, indoors, outdoors, on adventures, etc.
  • Extended international mode that allows Jiobit to work while traveling outside the US. Available in 120 countries.
  • Secure cloud platform that manages your Jiobit and protects its data so only you have access
  • Ability to invite other Trusted Viewers to install the community app on their smartphone when your child is in their care
  • Discounts on additional device purchases for yourself or friends
  • Lifetime free software upgrades to improve features of your Jiobit

What's the cost of the plan?

$7.99 per month if paid in one annual payment ($95.88 annually).

If you choose to pay month to month, the service will cost $12.99/month.

How do I activate the service plan?

Once Jiobit is delivered to you, head to the app store to download Jio’s app.

How do I cancel the plan?

You can cancel through the app itself. But we’ll be sad to see you go!


How secure is Jio’s data?

At Jio, security is taken extremely seriously. All data collected by the device is encrypted end-to-end using the most advanced encryption technologies available, including TLS (Transport Layer Security).

We provide four security measures:

  • Encrypted Data Transmission: Your data is always encrypted during transmission between our server, your phone and your Jiobit device.
  • Google Cloud Platform Security: All data is protected using Google’s Cloud Platform Security.
  • Jio Security Key: Jio provides secure authentication and encryption between your phone and Jiobit using a secure handshake (Jio Security Key). This means no one can spoof or pretend to be a user of Jio to control or access data on the Jiobit device itself.
  • Secure Hardware Protection:  Your data is also protected should someone successfully hack into the memory of the physical Jiobit.  

Is it safe for my kid to wear Jiobit?

It is. Jiobit meets or exceeds all FCC requirements for radio transmission.

Can my kid choke on it?

Jiobit is designed to be small, but not swallowable.  It is tested and certified to not be a choking hazard should it end up in the hands of a younger sibling.


Does Jiobit have a warranty?

Jiobit comes with a one-year warranty. Please see our warranty policy here.

What's the return policy?

You have 30 days from when the Jiobit is shipped to you, to return it and get a full refund. Please see our return policy here.