Payment & Billing

Why does Jiobit require a monthly subscription?

Jiobit uses cellular data to derive location and deliver that information to your smartphone. When you purchase a Jiobit you will subscribe to Jiobit and receive unlimited tracking within the US and 2 weeks of global roaming. 

What forms of payment are accepted?

A credit card or a debit card with a US billing address may be used for the purchase of the device, which will also be used for the monthly subscription charges. We do not accept prepaid debit cards. 

Is Jiobit available to purchase internationally?

Currently Jiobit is only certified to distribute and ship within the US although our network coverage includes over 140 countries. Your Jiobit subscription includes 2 weeks of global roaming at no additional charge. If you plan to use Jiobit outside the US beyond 2 weeks, there may be additional charges. For a complete and updated list of supported and restricted countries, please go to our compatibility page here.

Is there a cost for cancelation?

Our month-to-month (no contract) plan can be cancelled or suspended at any time without a cancellation fee. Once a subscription is cancelled, the Jiobit SIM will be terminated by our wireless partner and cannot be reactivated at any point. If you plan to use the Jiobit in the future we recommend our suspension option. Please see the next question for information on subscription suspension.

If you wish to cancel a 2-year or 1-year contract plan, an early termination fee will be incurred. The early termination fee will be 50% of the remaining contract for 1-year plans and 25% of the remaining contract for 2-year plans.

Is there a cost for suspension?

Suspension is an option for our month-to-month (no contract) plans. You can suspend your plan for up to 3 months per year at no charge. If you would like to keep your service suspended beyond that, you may choose to pay $1.99/month to keep the Jiobit’s SIM card live.