Jiobit helps you keep your kids safe

With its unique size, ability to track anywhere, and industry leading battery life, Jiobit makes parenting less scary.

Did you know?

More than 1,000 kids per day are separated from a parent or caregiver for over an hour. With Jiobit, parents will alway be in the know about their child's location.

Jiobit is more than a GPS tracker for kids

It allows you to track your kids in every location – indoors, outdoors, up or down, and in over 120 countries.

real time tracking

Utilizing Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi and cellular radios, Jiobit gives precise location information and real-time updates.

track above and below

Jiobit's sensors will help if you're in a multi-level building. You will know how many floors above or below your child is from your location.


Jiobit’s adaptable design will allow for additional attachments that securely fasten to pockets, belt loops, shoes, button holes, and more.

Trusted engineering

Jiobit was designed by top engineers (and parents) from Motorola, with a collective 150 patents. Learn more about the team.

Unreal battery life

Jiobit can last more than one week, so you won't have to organize your life around charging another device. Also, you'll be notified when Jiobit is low on power.

How we make it happen

Progressive Beaconing is our proprietary technology that uses a combination of sensors and radios including, Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS, and cellular to detect a location. This allows us to track in every location while optimizing power consumption.
Self Learning means Jiobit will recognize and remember a user's regular locations, routes, and patterns. Jiobit will identify frequent locations - or safe zones - without setup. Because parents don't constantly need to be notified if their child is home or at school, this will dramatically improve battery consumption.

Emphasis on security

Your sensitive data will stay secure


Dealing with sensitive information means we have to go above and beyond to keep it secure. Jiobit is secure by design so that only you and others you permit can know your child's location.


All data is encrypted end to end using TLS and AES cipher suites. This protects against eavesdropping or manipulation of the data. Once data is received, it is also encrypted on our servers.


Jiobit is compliant with The Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA), protecting the personal information of children under 13.

encrypted communication

A tamper-resistant security chip enables Jiobit to make a trusted and encrypted connection with a mobile device and our servers.

The Jiobit app:
Your extra set of eyes


Your child wanders too far from you in a crowd, using follow me mode, a virtual "safety harness"
Your child has left or arrived at home, school, a friend's house, etc
Your child deviates from a normal pattern or route
Your child is with people you've designated as a trusted watcher, like family, friends and caregivers
Jiobit is in the wash, so you can take it out
You want to see your child's daily activity summary

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