Software Intern, Summer

Menlo Park, CA 

We are looking for a stellar Computer Science (or related fields) major to join our Software Development team. You will work on the latest software developments, such as Machine Learning, Mobile <> Cloud communications, Mobile <> Bluetooth communication and IoT technology. Most of all, you should want to build something new rather than maintain something that already exists. 

You’ll be responsible for…

  • Writing robust code to implement features for the Jiobit Cloud or Mobile Apps (Android/iOS)
  • Implementing Unit Test for the new features being developed and/or existing features
  • Implementing standalone projects as proof of concept/validation of new features we are planning to add to our platform (specially in the Bluetooth-BLE area) 

Why we want you:
You have..

  • Tangible passion about programming
  • Experience implementing robust and maintainable code
  • A strong understanding of Object Oriented Programming concepts
  • A strong understanding of Threads and concurrent programming
  • Experience with Java language (for Backend positions)
  • Experience with either Android or iOS dev (for Mobile positions)
  • A solid understanding of general Algorithms and Data Structures