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30 days of Timeline
SMS Notifications
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Jiobit Desktop Portal

Always available 911 emergency dispatch.

Emergency Dispatch
Alert Button Notifications
Powered by Noonlight™️
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Jiobit Cloud

Jiobit Cloud is a special combination network of LTE 5G Cellular, next-gen GPS, Bluetooth (Low Energy), and Wi-Fi. Our patented Progressive Beaconing Technology automatically connects to the best signal.
No additional SIM card or cellular plan required from your carrier.

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Cellular Data
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*You may cancel your month-to-month Cloud subscription at any time. Upon cancellation of your subscription to the service, the service will be deactivated and the SIM card terminated after a 6 month period. To reactivate, you must do so within the 6 months. A $35 reactivation fee may apply. **Cancelling an agreement will result in an invoice of 25% of remaining billing cycles.
See our warranty, cancellation, and return policy.

911 Emergency SOS

Jiobit SOS Mode powered by NoonlightSOS Mode Emergency Details

A personal security system, with 911 emergency response.

With the tap of a button, send help to their location, not yours.

Jiobit has partnered with Noonlight, the leader in real-time online emergency response to provide an always-on critical response network, securely tied to the location of your Jiobit, only when you need it.

SOS Mode puts you in touch, instantly, with a professional emergency dispatcher who is on-call 24/7. The location information and critical emergency details are then shared with them only for the duration of the emergency.

*SOS Mode is currently not available for pets devices.

Included with

Alert Button

Jiobit Alert Button Feature

Get notified with a simple *click click* of a button.

When they need your help, you can be just a click click away.

Your Jiobit has a little hidden button. Maybe you didn't know about it. Clicking twice on the Jiobit logo will send an urgent push notification to the app along with the Smart Tag's currently location.

Included with

30 Day Timeline

30 days of Timeline

Time travel to see what time they traveled.

No one said you needed to check in on them this week.

Activate Jiobit Plus to get 30 days of location history in your Timeline. That's 23 more yesterdays than you have today.

Included with

SMS & Email Notifications

Jiobit Plus: Email & SMS notifications

More ways to get the most urgent notifications.

Be sure you're sure that you will surely not miss a notification.

With Jiobit Plus, we won't just send a push notification when you need it, we'll also send you an email and a text.

Pro-tip: this is a great way to set up home automation.

Included with

Jiobit Desktop Portal

Jiobit Desktop Portal App

Introducing Jiobit on your computer screen.

Sometimes it's easier to get things done on a bigger screen.

You can now see all your Jiobit devices on one screen, right there in your browser. Securely manage all the devices, Trusted Places, and Care Team members on your account, using your laptop or desktop computer.

Upgrade your account to Jiobit Plus to get early Beta Access.

Included with
What is Jiobit Protect?

Jiobit Protect is a bundle of Premium Features that prioritize protection and security for devices on your account. Jiobit Protect includes SOS Mode (911 Emergency Dispatch powered by Noonlight), Alert Button, 30 days of Timeline history, SMS & email notification options, and early access to our Jiobit Desktop Portal. Purchasing Jiobit Protect will activate the supported features for all devices on your account.

Note: SOS Mode is only compatible with non-pet devices.

How does SOS Mode work?

1. Enter your loved one’s Emergency Details in the app once you purchase Jiobit Protect. Find those settings by going to Menu > Account > Your Loved One’s Jiobit > Emergency Details
2. In the event of an emergency, initiate SOS Mode by tapping the “SOS” button in the top-left of any non-pets device card on your account.
3. Swipe to send an SOS message to a 24/7 Emergency Dispatcher as well as every member of your Care Team. The current location of the device and the Emergency Details will be sent to a professional Noonlight Emergency Dispatcher. The dispatcher will text the phone number associated with your account to initiate contact, and then they will call right away to walk you through the emergency.
4. The Noonlight Dispatcher will facilitate all communication to 911 Emergency Services in the area of your loved one’s location, and will stay on the phone and in communication with you throughout the emergency.
5. When the emergency has passed, cancel the SOS at any time from the location card of the device, or by telling the dispatcher there is no emergency.
6. A canceled alarm message will be sent to your phone and to each Care Team member.

What is Jiobit Plus?

Jiobit Plus is a bundle of Premium Features that extend the functionality and accessibility of the Jiobit devices on your account. Jiobit Plus includes 30 days of Timeline history, SMS & email notification options, and early access to our Jiobit Desktop Portal. Purchasing Jiobit Plus will activate the supported features for all devices on your account.

How do I purchase premium features?

You can upgrade your account at any time inside the Jiobit app on iOS and Android by navigating to Menu > Account > Jiobit Plan. Your features will be activated immediately and your account will be billed monthly.

What is Noonlight?

Noonlight is the leader in distributed emergency services. They facilitate the transfer of critical information (location and emergency details) to over 6,000 public safety access points all across the country. Noonlight’s service was built on modern technology and allows for professional emergency dispatchers to communicate the way you do: via text and phone call.

Why don’t I just call 911?

When you call 911 from your cell phone, they do their best to get your location. But, when you’re calling 911 on behalf of your loved one—who might not be with you in the moment of emergency—you may be calling the wrong dispatcher. Jiobit’s SOS Mode uses the location of your loved one’s Jiobit device to tell 911 where to go, so even when they’re on the go, emergency personnel can locate them quickly.

Additionally, Jiobit sends critical emergency details directly to the dispatcher, saving precious time.

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