Location Tracking Technology

The Jio Platform

Our platform of sensors, low power wireless technologies, and cloud services enables us to build the world's smallest products that are insanely long lasting. We will eventually be able to deliver solutions beyond wearables and child safety. To start, we are laser focused on our first product, Jiobit, a wearable tracking device for kids. 


Jio is building the first of its kind location-based machine learning and low power sensor platform.


This proprietary technology offers the most comprehensive set of monitoring and notifications features available on the market.

Discreet &
Long Lasting

All of this industry leading tech can be packed into discreet form factors without sacrificing battery life.

"Jio is set to greatly change the wearable industry"

Engineering tiny hardware

We print the circuit board with ELIC (Every Layer Interconnect) construction to allow the most compact component layout. This video shows the high-speed pick-n-place machine populating the circuit board before they enter the solder reflow oven at the board assembler.