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Protection and notifications no matter the distance.

The award-winning Jiobit Smart Tag keeps you connected to what matters most.


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Designed by parents. Built for the families they love. Know exactly where your loved ones are-and who they're with-no matter the distance.




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Jiobit Smart Tag
Jiobit Mother's Day Sale
Get $30 off Jiobit

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Check on them at any time.

Know exactly where your loved ones are--and who they're with--no matter the distance.
The Jiobit App

Real-time tracking at any distance

Get real-time alerts about their location no matter where they are or how far they are.

The Jiobit App

Custom geofencing and smart alerts

Set up Trusted Places like home or school so you’re alerted when they leave and arrive.

The Jiobit App

See their detailed location history

Perfect for keeping tabs on a pet, a parent, and a kid with a full after-school schedule.


Explore the Jiobit app features

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Smart Tracking

Know where they're at, no matter the distance.
The Jiobit App

SOS Mode

Location-aware 911 emergency dispatch.
Jiobit SOS Mode

Live Mode

Real-time, turn-by-turn tracking. On-demand.
The Jiobit App

Trusted Places

Get notified when they come or go from anywhere.
The Jiobit App

Care Teams

It takes a village. Invite your village to Jiobit.
The Jiobit App

Bluetooth Alert

Keep them close without chasing them down.
The Jiobit App

Alert Button

They can call for help without having to call.
The Jiobit App


Checking behind them doesn't mean helicoptering.
The Jiobit App

Editor's Choice

"For pure tracking ... the Jiobit is the best product we've seen so far."

Wired Recommends

"Jiobit is by far the easiest and most attractive tracker I’ve ever used"

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Rover Top Pick

"The Jiobit GPS cat collar tracker is ... a good choice for your kitty’s comfort."

Jiobit on an active kid

The boys are starting first grade this week and our This weekend we went out for a walk and tried out our new @jiobit that shows where the boys are...

Jiobit Location Monitor on a cat

We recently added @jiobit GPS trackers to our safety set-up for catexploring...

Jiobit on a little girl in a playground

I'm sharing all about why it's the best real time location tracker on the market for kids and pets...

Jiobit on a cute dog

suns out tongues out ⁣
happy #tongueouttuesday...


For furry friends of all sizes. Yup, even cats can deal.

Jiobit attaches to your pet's collar and pairs with a smartphone app to track at any distance. And, it's so light, basically any pet can wear it. We might have to draw the line at goldfish.

*Some attachment accessories sold separately.

Jiobit Location Monitor
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Jiobit Smart Tag Box

Jiobit Smart Tag Location Monitor

The award-winning location monitor designed for people and pets.

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Jiobit Strap Clip & JioKey

Strap Clip & JioKey removal tool

This secure attachment method is perfect for bags and pet collars.

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Jiobit Silicon Sleeves

Protective Silicon Sleeve

Keep your Jiobit protected and choose your colors to help the Jiobit stand out, or blend in.

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Jiobit Pin Lock Pouch

Secure Pin Lock Pouch

Using the same mechanism as security tags for clothing, this keeps Jiobit locked and hidden.

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Jiobit Secure Loop

Jiobit Secure Loop

For pet collars, fabric loops, and even button holes.

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Jiobit Hem Lock Clip

Jiobit Hem Lock Clip

Perfect for athletic wear, elastic bands, and pockets.

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Fabric Sleeve on dog collar

Breathable Fabric Sleeve

With a unique folding design, the fabric sleeve is perfect for collars with buckles.

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Stay connected while getting long-lasting battery life.

Receive smart notifications based on location
Check in when needed with access to live tracking
Government-level encryption at every touchpoint
The Jiobit Location Monitor Device

Designed for humans.
Made for families.
Built by parents.

You shouldn't have to fuss over complicated technology. That's why Jiobit has no power button, no switches, no extra hardware, and no complicated setup.

Designed and engineered in the US by world-class mobile device experts, Jiobit's patented Progressive Beaconing technology sets it apart from other trackers.

It's so easy to get attached to Jiobit.

Jiobit is built on a modular platform, so it's not bound by form factor. Jiobit can be worn so many ways on clothing, collars, and objects.

Strap Clip

Strap Clip

Perfect for locking onto backpack straps, belts, and pet collars.

Integrated Loop

Integrated Loop

Built into the Jiobit itself. For lacing onto wrist bands or lanyards.

Secure Loop

Secure Loop

For button holes, belt loops, and fabric of soft plastic loops.

Hem Lock Clip

Hem Lock Clip

Clips and grips onto elastic waistbands, hems, and pockets.

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"I love the accuracy. With my previous tracking device for him I didn't have live mode and was unable to see his current location. It would update every 15 mins which doesn't help anyone. This little device is literally a life saver."

Jessica, PA

I can just use Apple AirTag to track my kid, right?

AirTags are made for keys. Jiobit is made for kids.

AirTag Vs Jiobit

Jiobit has its own secure connection to the internet and GPS.

This means it doesn't need to be tethered to any hub or other device. Jiobit can always send its accurate, real-time location.

Jiobit vs Airtag

AirTags don’t have an internet connection of their own.

This means that unless they are close enough to an internet-connected Apple device, AirTags don't know their own location.

Even Apple makes it clear the AirTag is not for kids.

"When I asked [Kaiann Drance, Apple’s VP of worldwide iPhone product marketing] about parents using AirTags to track their small children (such as during an outing at an amusement park) or pets (we know you’re up to something shady, Fluffy) she was quick to stress that

[Apple] designed the AirTag to track items, not people or pets."

Read the entire article at Fast Company