Stay connected to what matters most, no matter the distance.

A huge help in a tiny package.

Stay connected to what matters most with Jiobit.
Secure enough for your kids. Small enough for your pets.


"For pure tracking ... the Jiobit is the best product we've seen so far."


"Jiobit is by far the easiest and most attractive tracker I’ve ever used"


Winner of the Baby Health & Safety Category.

"It honestly gave me a sense of peace knowing he was safe."

Stay connected while getting long-lasting battery life.

Receive smart notifications based on location.

Check in when needed with access to live tracking.


Real stories from real parents, really using Jiobit.





Trautwein Family

Jiobit is so small, we had to take a bite of this cookie just to prove it.


The Jiobit Location Monitor + Guardian App

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The Jiobit Location Monitor + Guardian Mobile App


The most trusted real-time location tracking.

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Know who
they’re with.

Invite unlimited Care Team members like grandparents or babysitters.
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Know where
they are.

Jiobit's real-time tracking shows a live view of their location.
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Know what
they're up to.

Jiobit's location history gives a summary of where they've been throughout the day.

Know when they
got there.

Geofencing alerts you when they arrive at or leave a Trusted Place.
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You protect your child.
We protect your data.

Jiobit is protected by a dedicated security chip and government-level encryption. Cryptographically-signed software protects the OS from malware.
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When you need to know where, when, what, and with whom.


Live tracking with unlimited range

Know who they’re with and when they got there

Smart notifications based on location changes

Detailed location and route history

Advanced built-in security technologies

Jiobit is a must have when it comes to keeping track of your kids and loved ones and keeping them safe. I highly recommend the Jiobit for safety and peace of mind. 
Jiobit is a must have when it comes to keeping track of your kids and loved ones and keeping them safe. I highly recommend the Jiobit for safety and peace of mind.
Officer Marc
San Jose, CA
I LOVE the Jiobit. I love it’s small design and how it’s lightweight. It’s so lightweight he doesn’t even notice it’s there. I love the accuracy too. With my previous tracking device for him I didn’t have live mode and was unable to see his current location.
This little device is literally a life saver... It stays charged for so long... As a mom to a child who’s special, thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping my baby safe.
Fantastic device and easy to use app. Sometimes my son's school bus is late but I know exactly where he is. Takes all the stress and worry away. Love this product!
Hoffman Estates, IL
This device is amazing. It gives me peace of mind when my child isn't with me ... This device is perfect for him to carry clipped onto his pants and small enough to be discreet.
Weatherford, TX
We were so shocked and excited to see how small the device was - the AngelSense device we currently use is so bulky and heavy.
Fayetteville, AR
Excellent device and application. Brings a great amount of peace of mind knowing that we can locate our sons when needed... System works very well and battery life on device lasts multiple days.
Redmond, WA
I really like the utility of Jiobit. It really gives a parent the peace of mind that their kids are safe in a Trusted Place like home or school.  Highly recommended!
Chester springs, PA
This is an amazing product for my son with Autism. It’s very small and easy for him to wear all day. The peace of mind this device provides is truly priceless.
I love our Jiobit. My son is 6, nonverbal with ASD. His IEP has an aide on the bus with him but it's been so great. His disability makes me very overprotective and I worry almost constantly. When I'm not with him, I love knowing exactly where he is.
Merritt Island, FL
My 2-year-old Autistic son who is a runner got out the front door and this device's "mobile fence" alerted me!! It could have just saved his life! (and mine). You can't put a price on a loved ones' life!
Virginia Beach, VA

Jiobit Location Monitor

Precise, secure, and always connected, even without Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.





The Jiobit Guardian Mobile App

Keep up with who matters most, when it matters most. No matter where you are.

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The world's smallest, long-lasting location monitor designed for kids.

Jiobit is the first-of-its-kind patented location tracking platform that uses Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cellular and GPS
Durable, water resistant, with up to one week of battery life
Provides location tracking across 146+ countries
Save on monthly service when you buy two or more Jiobits
Unlimited data plan with up to 2 consecutive weeks of free global roaming
Starts at
Annual contract
with 30 days of FREE service
Annual contract
+$8.99 paid monthly
No contract

Made for kids.
Built by parents.

You shouldn't have to fuss over complicated technology. That's why Jiobit has no power button, no switches, no extra hardware, and no complicated setup.

Designed and engineered in the US by world-class mobile device experts, Jiobit's patented Progressive Beaconing technology sets it apart from other trackers.
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