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Stay connected to your child, no matter the distance

Jiobit is small enough to hide, lasts for weeks and tracks accurately and in real time.


Jiobit is more than a GPS tracker for kids.

Kids wear the Jiobit and parents track their location via the Jiobit App

Jiobit App: Keeping you connected to your child.

The Jiobit App delivers location alerts at any distance. With live map views, you can always find them quickly.
Accurate and real-time tracking at any distance – even across the world
Geofencing and mobile geofencing features will alert you when your child leaves a Trusted Place or if they wander too far
Invite trusted caregivers to join your Care Team to help watch your child
Enjoy the best coverage with Jiobit’s cellular network–powered by AT&T and T-Mobile
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The world’s smallest and longest lasting location tracker for kids

All the radios and sensors of your phone in a much smaller package.
Small, durable, discreet: It holds up to your child's active day
Waterproof for up to 20 minutes, and will still work in the pool or at the beach
Securely stays attached
Unmatched security architecture protects your and your child’s data

How does Jiobit attach?

Jiobit is small and lightweight with multiple attachment options. If you can't find the perfect fit for your child, please contact us for help.
Clip onto thick waistbands. For thinner material, try using a safety pin.
Tie onto drawstrings and shoelaces.
Thread through buttonholes to wear inside a shirt.
Clip onto belts or belt loops.
Tie onto laces or thread through Velcro straps

What Jiobit parents are saying...

As a police officer for over 19 years, I have responded to hundreds of lost children and lost elderly calls. Time is critical, and very important in locating the missing. Since I've been using Jiobit with my own child, I've begun recommending it to those I serve in the community. Jiobit is a must have when it comes to keeping track of your kids and loved ones and keeping them safe. I highly recommend the Jiobit for safety and peace of mind. 
Jiobit is a must have when it comes to keeping track of your kids and loved ones and keeping them safe. I highly recommend the Jiobit for safety and peace of mind.
Officer Marc
San jose, CA
Fantastic device and easy to use app. Sometimes my son's school bus is late but I know exactly where he is. Takes all the stress and worry away. Love this product!
As an IT Professional & as a Mother, I give my fullest stamp of approval! No more backpack leashes! You can keep calm & carry on with Jiobit.
Chicago, IL
This device is amazing. It gives me a peace of mind when my child isn't with me ... This device is perfect for him to carry clipped onto his pants and small enough to be discreet.
Weatherford, TX
We were so shocked and excited to see how small the device was - the AngelSense device we currently use is so bulky and heavy.
Fayetteville, Ar
Excellent device and application. Brings a great amount of peace of mind knowing that we can locate our sons when needed... System works very well and battery life on device lasts multiple days.
Redmond, Wa
I really like the utility of Jiobit. It really gives a parent the peace of mind that their kids are safe in a Trusted Place like home or school.  Highly recommended!
Chester springs, PA