The Jiobit Story

I experienced the worst panic of my life when--in 2015--my 6-year-old son got lost in a crowded park. It took me 30 minutes to find him. As a parent, I’ve always been concerned about my kids' safety and this event left me feeling like I needed to do more.

My search for wearable tracking solutions made for kids came up way short, I only found subpar products that were bulky, had terrible battery life, and were poorly designed.

I created Jiobit with child safety in mind and as word started to spread, different types of caregivers started asking about us; parents of dogs and cats, guardians of the elderly, and parents of adults with special needs.

I believe no caregiver should experience that panic. "Peace of mind" is why Jiobit exists.

- John Renaldi

John Renaldi and his son in 2015

Meet the Jiobit team

Jiobit is a team of seasoned designers, storytellers, engineers, parents, guardians, and pet wranglers with a history of building innovative consumer products. We’re also doing our best to raise independent kids and healthy pets while keeping them safe and giving ourselves more peace of mind.

Jiobit is a Chicago-based development center for Life360, with team members across the US.

We take risks, big and small.

At Jiobit, we’re motivated every day because we do meaningful work that solves real problems. We support one another in our current roles and career aspirations, encouraging each other to learn new skills and dive deeper into our expertise.

We believe in you working the way you want to; if you have an idea, do it, we support you. We celebrate our successes (big and small) and make memories at quarterly off-sites and team building events (kayaking, karaoke-ing, Cards Against Humanity-ing).

And last but not least: Great benefits, flexible vacation policy, and the opportunity to build and influence our brand, portfolio, and culture from the ground up.

That’s a risk worth taking.

Current Openings

Product Manager, eCommerce
Chicago, IL

We are looking for a Product Manager that will help us evolve our eCommerce funnel into a well oil machine and create a world-class product discovery and shopping experience for our customers. This person will be responsible for the brand and eCommerce experience across the site, including responsibility for all engagement and conversion metrics, martech tools and partner management, feature roadmapping, site merchandising, lead gen, content UX, UI, SEO, partner APIs, testing and analytics. You will be supported by development, design, and marketing teams to help build an optimized purchase experience for Jiobit devices and accessories, subscription packages and payment options. You will also be asked to get creative as we increasingly see pricing and packaging as an opportunity for innovation.

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Business Intelligence Analyst - Remote
Chicago, IL or Remote

Jiobit is seeking it’s first Business Intelligence Analyst to help provide data visibility and business insights across our company while also driving our data roadmap forward as we scale. We want someone who enjoys digging into data, finding connections between signals, and serving it up to stakeholders to enable them to act on those insights.

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Mobile Software Engineer (iOS + Android) - Remote
Chicago or Continental United States / Flexible Location

The ideal candidate will have experience in either Android or iOS development, using Kotlin and Swift respectively, but also an interest in or experience with the opposite platform. Our iOS and Android applications maintain feature parity and we prioritize iterating both at an equal pace. This would be a great opportunity if you are actively engaged in development for one platform and have had a mind to learn the other too!

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Firmware / Embedded Systems Engineer
Chicago, IL

You are a product-focused engineer at heart who is always in search of creative and sustainable solutions. Jiobit is in growth mode and this role paths toward additional project ownership and/or leadership opportunities for the right candidate.

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Sr. Financial Analyst
Chicago or Continental United States / Flexible Location

We're looking for a Senior Financial Analyst to join us in a fast-paced, collaborative environment, who is excited to make immediate contributions to our accounting and finance processes. Our ideal candidate has 7-10 years experience in supply chain accounting or finance roles, has a can-do attitude, and can hold their own in a game of Werewolf (Google it if you must).

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Customer Experience Representative
Chicago, IL (or remote)

We are in search of a customer advocate to join the front lines of our growing company. The work done by our customer experience team directly impacts future product decisions and overall company processes. Given our growth trajectory, this is one of our most critical roles. Our ideal candidate has phenomenal people skills, technical competency, ingenuity to resolve customer and ops issues daily, and is eager to surround him or herself with awesomely talented (and fun) people.

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