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Protection and notifications no matter the distance.

The Jiobit Location Monitor keeps you connected with or without a phone.


Make sure someone has your back.

Let your friends and family keep track of your adventures, from anywhere.
Available with Jiobit Protect
The Jiobit App

Call for help without making a phone call

Discreetly call for help by clicking on the button to send notifications. (available as a premium in-app purchase)

The Jiobit App

Detailed location and destination history

Complete with timestamps and tracking details, see every move you made.

The Jiobit App

Add your friends and family to your team

Set up a Care Team to get the same alerts and notifications for wherever you go.


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Stay connected while getting long-lasting battery life.

Receive smart notifications based on location
Check in when needed with access to live tracking
Government-level encryption at every touchpoint
Jiobit is about the size of a half-eaten cookie. Delicious!

Jiobit is the smallest, long-lasting, real-time location tracker.

It is so small, we had to take a bite of this cookie just to prove it. And it's so light, we almost ate the tracker. Please don't eat your Jiobit.

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Editor's Choice

"For pure tracking ... the Jiobit is the best product we've seen so far."

Wired Recommends

"Jiobit is by far the easiest and most attractive tracker I’ve ever used"

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Rover Top Pick

"The Jiobit GPS cat collar tracker is ... a good choice for your kitty’s comfort."

SOS Mode

Location-aware 911 emergency dispatch.

Jiobit has partnered with Noonlight to create a personal, always-available, automated security system, with 911 emergency response. Activating SOS Mode notifies your Care Team and sends emergency details along with current location to a professional dispatcher who will contact you immediately.

SOS Mode eliminates the need for you to contact and interface with 911 during the moment of emergency.

Included with
SOS Mode
The Jiobit App

Live Mode

Real-time, turn-by-turn tracking. On-demand.

Real-time updates on where they are. From anywhere you are. Use Live Mode from anywhere because of the dedicated GPS and cellular capabilities built into the Jiobit device.

Care Teams

It takes a village. Build yours.

Know who they’re with, and that they’re with the right people. Care Team members simply download the Jiobit mobile app available for iOS and Android. As the account owner, you can add and remove permission.

The Jiobit App
The Jiobit App

Trusted Places

Get notifications when they come or go from any place you choose.

Perfect for keeping track and for keeping on track. Get an alert on your phone or every device in your Care Team to make sure your family rhythm doesn’t miss a beat.

*Get Email & SMS Notifications with a premium in-app purchase


Bluetooth Alert

Keep them close without chasing them down.

Keep them close and know when they wander. Using Bluetooth signal strength, Jiobit can detect how far away they get from you and alert you with an alarm you can’t miss. This is also a great way to find a lost Jiobit in a snap.

The Jiobit App
The Jiobit App

Alert Button

They can call for help with the click of a button.

When they double-click the button the Jiobit device, you and your Care Team get instant notifications. Don't let distance keep you from being there for them.

Included with

Remote Alert

Check behind them without needing to follow close behind.

Make sure there was no point C between points A and B. With Timeline, you see 7 days of consecutive location history, showing start and finish, including details on Trusted Places and Care Teams.

*30 days of Timeline available as a premium in-app purchase

The Jiobit App
Tile Pro
18 g
6.2 g
151 g
45.3 g
37 W x 50 L
37 W x 37 L
62 W x 140 L
38 W x 49 L
Multiple attachment accessories and can be worn on clothing, shoes, or items
Keychain or pocket
Attaches to clothing using a magnet lock
Wristband attachment
Tracking Range
300 feet
7 days rechargeable
1 year replaceable
4 days rechargeable
Water resistance
IPX8 waterproof - Submersible for 30 minutes in up to 5 feet of water
IPX7 water resistant - Do not operate under water
Real time tracking
Indoor +
Outdoor use
Jiobit FastLink Technology for immediate alerts
Proximity alerts
Care team
Invite trusted caregivers to track your child's location and know which adult they're with.
Invite a Care Team and also see who your child is with
Care team only
Care team only
Location history
Jiobit will learn regular routes, routines, and locations without setup
2-way calling
Audible alerts
Data Security
- 3rd party penetration tested
- Full data encryption
- Cryptograpically signed software to prevent malware
- Jiobit TrustChip Technology to secure data and software
- Resistant to hardware hacks
Global USA
Only within Bluetooth range
US and Canada only
Compatible Carriers
Verizon only
Device cost
Activation Fee
Monthly Subscription
Cost after 1 year

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& Live
Get notified in real-time
Made for people.


Within range of phone
Within range of phone
Made for keys.
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"I love the accuracy. With my previous tracking device for him I didn't have live mode and was unable to see his current location. It would update every 15 mins which doesn't help anyone. This little device is literally a life saver."

Jessica, PA

Jiobit is the smallest, long-lasting real-time location monitor.

Jiobit is the first-of-its-kind patented location tracking platform that uses Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cellular and GPS to give you the best balance of accuracy and battery life.

Durable, water-resistant, with best-in-class battery life
Real-time tracking, notifications, and location history
Save when you buy more than one Jiobit
Built on a next-gen 5G-compatible network
Jiobit Location Monitor, charging dock and cable, hem-lock click, and secure loop
The Jiobit Location Monitor Device

Designed for humans.
Made for families.
Built by parents.

You shouldn't have to fuss over complicated technology. That's why Jiobit has no power button, no switches, no extra hardware, and no complicated setup.

Designed and engineered in the US by world-class mobile device experts, Jiobit's patented Progressive Beaconing technology sets it apart from other trackers.