Trusted Places

Get notifications when they come or go from any place you choose.

Perfect for keeping track and for keeping on track. Get an alert on your phone or every device in your Care Team to make sure your family rhythm doesn’t miss a beat.

The Jiobit App

What is a Trusted Place?

A Trusted Place is like an invisible fence drawn on a map. When the Jiobit Smart Tag crosses the boundary of that fence, a push notification is sent to the caregiver and all Care Team members.

The Jiobit App

Make your places your own

Customize the location, radius, name, and which of your Jiobit devices will be connected.

The Jiobit App for Cats

Notifications when it matters

Get alerted right away when your loved one crosses the boundary, in or out.

The Jiobit App

Get better battery life

The more Trusted Places you add, the better battery life your Jiobit will have.


A Trusted Place for each kind of place you trust.

When you connect your Jiobit to a trusted Wi-Fi network, you get the most out of your notifications and battery. Choose between a Trusted Place with Geo Fence or a Trusted Place with Wi-Fi Fence.

A Geo Fence uses a spot on the map.

All Trusted Places in the Jiobit Mobile app start of using a Geo Fence. This is based on a customizable distance from a center-point on a map.

When the Jiobit Smart Tag is in a Trusted Place, it slows down its connection method and takes a little nap, saving a lot of battery. Once it moves from the Trusted Place, it wakes back up and lets you know via a push notification.

Jiobit Geo Trusted Place

A Wi-Fi Fence uses signal strength.

Connecting Jiobit Smart Tag to your home Wi-Fi network uses Wifi strength to set the boundaries of your Trusted Place. By adjusting the sensitivity, you can control the timing of your notifications.

When the Jiobit Smart Tag recognizes that the signal strength of your home Wi-Fi has dropped below a set threshold, it lets you know right away via a push notification. Wi-Fi Trusted Places are great for taller buildings or homes where a Geo Trusted Place can't get small enough.

Jiobit 3D Trusted Place

Introducing Jiobit Premium Features

More history, more notification options, more access, more ways to connect, and more security for those that matter most.

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More access. More history. More connection.

30 days of Timeline
SMS Notifications
Email Notifications
Jiobit Desktop Portal
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Always available 911 emergency dispatch.

Emergency Dispatch
Alert Button Notifications
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Includes all of Jiobit Plus
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Jiobit is about the size of a half-eaten cookie. Delicious!

Jiobit is the smallest, long-lasting, real-time location tracker.

It is so small, we had to take a bite of this cookie just to prove it. And it's so light, we almost ate the tracker. Please don't eat your Jiobit.


For furry friends of all sizes. Yup, even cats can deal.

Jiobit attaches to your pet's collar and pairs with a smartphone app to track at any distance. And, it's so light, basically any pet can wear it. We might have to draw the line at goldfish.

*Some attachment accessories sold separately.

Jiobit Location Monitor
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Smart Tracking

Know where they're at, no matter the distance.
The Jiobit App

SOS Mode

Location-aware 911 emergency dispatch.
Jiobit SOS Mode

Live Mode

Real-time, turn-by-turn tracking. On-demand.
The Jiobit App

Trusted Places

Get notified when they come or go from anywhere.
The Jiobit App

Care Teams

It takes a village. Invite your village to Jiobit.
The Jiobit App

Bluetooth Alert

Keep them close without chasing them down.
The Jiobit App

Alert Button

They can call for help without having to call.
The Jiobit App


Checking behind them doesn't mean helicoptering.
The Jiobit App

Jiobit is the smallest, long-lasting real-time location monitor.

Jiobit is the first-of-its-kind patented location tracking platform that uses Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cellular and GPS to give you the best balance of accuracy and battery life.

Durable, water-resistant, with best-in-class battery life
Real-time tracking, notifications, and location history
Built on a next-gen 5G-compatible network
Jiobit Location Monitor, charging dock and cable, hem-lock click, and secure loop