10 Reasons Jiobit Will Bring Your Family Peace of Mind

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October 18, 2019
John Renaldi

Jiobit is the world's longest lasting location monitor for families.

More than that, it can help you keep your little ones safe. Here's how:

Accurate and Real-Time Location Tracking at Any Distance

Jiobit is not limited by range, location or whether you’re indoors or outdoors. This means that you can be in Australia at the Sydney Opera House and your child can be in the school playground, and you can see their location in real time. Or you can be in a grocery store and see that while you’re in the produce section, your child has run to the ice cream aisle.

Knowing When Your Child Enters or Leaves Safe Locations

On the app, you create Trusted Places (geofencing) around places like your home, your child’s school, or a friend’s house. When Jiobit arrives at or leaves these locations, your app immediately notifies you without delay using a Jiobit technology called FastConnect.

WHO They’re With is as Important as WHERE They Are

Add Care Team members for your child (grandparents, neighbors, etc) so you can see who your child is with. This way, if you’re looking at your Jiobit app and thinking, “Why is junior at the park by himself?” (or more like “HOLY CRAP WHY IS MY KID ALONE IN A PARK!!”), you’ll know that he’s with the babysitter. Nothing to worry about.

Wear Jiobit Wherever Is Most Comfortable

Multiple attachment methods make it easy to attach Jiobit whenever your child finds it most comfortable? Not a fan of something on a shoe? Great, attach to a belt loop. Don’t wear pants? All good, put it behind a button loop or safety pin it to a shirt. All the attachments keep it on securely all day. Plus, Jiobit is tiny (the size of a sugar packet), so it can be hidden on your child’s person.

A “Digital Leash” of Sorts

We call this mobile geofencing, which puts a distance limit around you that your child can go. If they exceed that limit, your phone and the Jiobit will set off an alarm. This is perfect for young kids in crowded or unfamiliar places.

See Your Child’s Full Day

Our newest feature is the Timeline, where you can see a full report of where your child was over a certain amount of time, showcasing a story of the day (or week). So at the dinner table when you say, “What did you do today?” and they say, “Nothing,” you know they’re lying.

You Cannot Lose a Jiobit

It’s a very accurate location monitor. It’s literally the one thing you can’t lose. But if it’s misplace in the house, you can track it down by making it ring and light up so you’ll find it. Don’t worry, Jiobit won’t join that TV remote you lost a few years back.

We Take Data Security Very Seriously

This is tech-heavy, but important. We use Government-level encryption technology with industry leading security. All data collected and transmitted is encrypted end-to-end. Additionally, the product features a dedicated security chip which encrypts the security keys and sensitive information on the device itself. We also employ several tamper proofing techniques in the hardware so it cannot be physically hacked either.

Lasts A Week on One Charge

This is a big deal: Jiobit is one less thing you have to charge every night. It’ll last a full week on active use. We do this with a patented technology called Progressive Beaconing, which learns usage patterns and your environment to optimize battery life.


Learn more about Jiobit and how it can help your family.


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