6 Tips to Keep Your Escape Artist Dog Safe

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February 3, 2022
Mariah Gura
The Jiobit Blog

The name Houdini comes to mind when pet owners think of their furry best friends' tendency to make a break for the outside world whenever the opportunity presents itself. They might try to escape out of boredom, think it's a game, or just crave outdoor time. As much as we love our sneaky dogs, it can be a trying task to keep them safe. If this sounds like your pup, try these 6 tips to keep your escape artist dog safe.

1) Fence in your yard

Encolsing your yard with a fence will help your pup get their zoomies out in a secure, outdoor environment. Always double-check that the gate is completely closed and locked. If your neighborhood community does not allow fences around your home, consider using a stake that can be placed in the ground connected to a leash-type cable. You’ll still want to supervise your dog outside with either option. 

2) Microchip your dog

A microchip is a small implant that gets inserted between your pet's shoulder blades. It contains a unique registration number so that in the event your dog goes missing, someone can find your dog, take them into the proper facility, and get them scanned for the microchip. This will help the facility identify you as the owner. It’s important that the microchip is up-to-date with your correct contact information. A microchip implant is NOT a pet tracking device. Learn more about the difference between a pet microchip and a pet GPS tracker here.

3) Make sure their ID tag is up-to-date 

Similar to your pet’s microchip, make sure your dog has an ID tag on their collar and that all the information is up to date. 

4) Keep your dog busy with stimulating dog-friendly toys

Finding fun, stimulating toys will help distract your dog and keep them busy. Especially if your dog often seems bored, they will look for other ways to entertain themselves (such as trying to escape the home). Need some ideas? Check out “The 19 Best Puzzle Toys That Actually Help Bored Dogs” from Rover. 

5) Put your dog in a secure area of the house when guests come over

When inviting guests over, let them know that your dog tends to be an escape artist so they know to be cautious going in and out of your home. Prior to their arrival, place your dog in a secure area of the house that is as escape-free as possible. You can use a child or pet gate, or place them in their crate until all guests have arrived.

6) Use a Dog GPS Tracker

A GPS tracking device can give you the location of your dog in real-time. Some GPS devices, such as Jiobit, connect directly to an app that can be downloaded on your smartphone and will alert you with notifications as they come and go from your home. You’ll want a compact device that can be attached comfortably to your pets favorite collar or harness. The good news is that Jiobit is the smallest, longest-lasting, real-time GPS location monitor, which makes it perfect for our smaller furry friends too. Read more on why Jiobit is the best pet GPS tracker for small pets here.

Try these 6 tips to keep your escape artist safe. If you have a Houdini dog at home, tweet us @jiobit and let us know how you protect your pup. 

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