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April 8, 2019
Lindsay Slutzky

Andrea’s 8-year-old son is in the 2nd grade. He has autism and is nonverbal. While communication is tough for Andrea and her family, she’s quick to point out that just because her son doesn’t talk does not mean that he has nothing to say. She describes him as incredibly funny and smart, finding all kinds of ways to communicate, whether it’s through pictures, his AAC device, physical gestures, or through facial expressions – he makes it pretty clear what he’s thinking. Andrea says, “While it may take a little more effort to understand him, it is so worth it!”

When we asked Andrea about her biggest challenges parenting a child with autism, she had this to say:

“Communication is a huge concern for me, as my son is nonverbal. I worked hard to get him his own communication device, but he does not always want to use it or use it accurately. He is curious and energetic, so there’s always a fear that he will elope or simply bolt when we are out somewhere.”

We then asked her about using Jiobit and how that’s helped her. She said it allows her to let him explore the outdoors and encourages his desire to be exposed to new places in a safe way.

“I don’t avoid taking him places that could be crowded or large out of fear that we’ll be separated. I do not have to worry that he won’t be able to ask for help if he is lost or that his curious nature will put him in danger because I always know where he is. He is allowed to be the child he wants to be while wearing the Jiobit.”


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