From WIRED Magazine: “The keychain-sized Jiobit is the easiest tracker to clip to a wriggly kid's belt loop, shoelace, or backpack.”

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November 1, 2019
WIRED Magazine

Photo Credit: NICOLLE CLEMETSON (Wired)

WIRED Magazine has featured Jiobit once again, this time in their November 2019 issue’s Gadget Lab section. With an abundance of GPS monitors and trackers popping up in the last year, it is important to choose the solution that is right for your family. 

Writer Adrienne So focuses on Jiobit as the solution for keeping tabs on kids who are not old enough for a smartphone. Active children in this age group require a product that is small and durable, which can be easily and securely attached. Every Jiobit order includes specially designed secure loop and hem-lock attachments that allow for versatile wearing options.

Unlike some of the larger devices or GPS watches available today, Jiobit is widely accepted for use in schools across the nation due to it not having a microphone or ability to send/receive outside communications. It also does not have a power button or other features that could be distracting to small children or those with sensory sensitivities. 

When it comes to accuracy, WIRED writes: “When I toggled on Live Mode at a park, I could watch onscreen as my preschooler sprinted out of sight, turned around at an intersection, and walked back.” Jiobit also allows its users to create custom geofences, invite careteam members, and alert smart notifications based on proximity or entering/leaving a trusted place.

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