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March 18, 2019
John Renaldi

In late 2015, we set out with a simple vision to provide parents with technology for a purpose: giving them an extra set of eyes to make parenting a little less scary. We put together a strategy to marry the best in class design and engineering in order to innovate in an incredibly important space that had been largely ignored. Instead of only building a product that was incrementally better than what was on the market, we set to completely rethink it, and we’re on the cusp of delivering on that promise. Seventeen months ago we wrote our first line of code and sketched out some early schematics for our first printed circuit board (PCB). After hundreds of design iterations, various revisions of the electronics, and hundreds of thousands of lines of code, we are now entering the final stages of our production manufacturing process.Hardware and Manufacturing ProgressFor those unfamiliar with hardware product development, we have now exited what is called the Engineering Validation Test (EVT) phase where we:

Validate all our electronicsLock our antenna designsSimulate the wireless performanceFinalize the mechanical engineering and industrial design (including colors, materials, and finishes)Completed the design for manufacturing (DFM) process to ensure all the parts and electronics can be manufactured, molded, and assembled at scale with high quality

This process gives us the confidence to start our production tooling and begin molding all the various parts. Which brings us to our next phase, which we are starting now, called Design Validation Test (DVT). This is when we start building units that, for all intents and purposes, will look and feel like the final shipping product, using production tools out of the production factory. Once the tooling is completed, our initial pre-production manufacturing will begin, with the first units set to arrive in mid August.

‍(Left to right: Mechanical design reviews prior to releasing for final tooling, Wireless testing using call boxes that simulate various cellular networks around the world, Our final printed circuit board which was validated and slightly adjusted for manufacturing at scale, Rapid prototype parts to validate designs)

In the meantime, the engineering team continues to conduct additional testing with the software, finalize designs of our charging cradle, and are wrapping up a variety of accessories and attachment options that we’re going to announce (see below designs).

I cannot wait to send along updates to show you the first devices coming off the manufacturing line. July is super busy and we’re working around the clock with our suppliers and factory to move as fast as possible to get Jiobit to you ASAP. Since most of us on the team are parents, we are just as anxious to get Jiobit into the wild as you are! Ask Mak, our Lead Embedded Software Engineer, featured in the Chicago Tribune


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