Jiobit will be joining Life360

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April 27, 2021
John Renaldi

Life360 to acquire Jiobit to expand location, safety, and security capabilities for families and caregivers

Today we are thrilled to announce that Jiobit will be joining Life360.

The idea for Jiobit started in a moment of parental panic. Losing sight of a young child in a crowd. Out of that stressful experience came a desire for increased peace of mind. And, I knew I wasn’t the only parent out there that wanted that.

A small group of talented engineers and designers armed with a mission launched the company in 2015; we spent two years heads-down in R&D, alongside a brief tour through the life-changing Techstars Accelerator. After years in development and countless months testing in the field, the team introduced our first product in 2018 with a dedicated wearable so versatile in its design that it was perfect for not just kids, but small pets, adults, seniors, and those with sensory issues that would preclude them from wearing watches. Jiobit was made for those who were prone to wander, and whose wearer had less of an ability to carry around a smartphone.

Our strength in thoughtfully designed hardware and innovative software--both on-device and through mobile apps--has helped us build our business from a handful of customers to tens of thousands of active users.

Our mobile apps are top-rated on Android and iOS. We have been product top-picks and won multiple awards for our software, hardware, service, and support. We have built strong retail partnerships with Target, Amazon, and Chewy. And most recently we’ve introduced and launched our upgraded Location Monitor and have been overwhelmed with its popularity.

But, we’ve had big plans for a long time to do even more.

Meanwhile, Life360 has been pioneering the cross-platform smartphone, travel, and personal safety solutions for 13 years. With real-time location sharing and notifications, to driving safety features like Crash Detection and Roadside Assistance, millions of families all over the world use their tools to remove uncertainty from their modern life.

That modern family life is evolving, and Life360 saw the priority and focus that we have put into Jiobit’s hardware and integrated software solutions. A partnership just made sense.

Jiobit's engineering and design prowess, our patented Progressive Beaconing technology, and unparalleled hardware excellence are just a few of the many innovative resources we bring to the partnership. And, we’re excited to see--alongside Life360--how far we can go.

What does this acquisition mean for our users, our products, our devices, and our service? Nothing right now. We anticipate to close the transaction in the coming months and will remain completely independent until then. We continue to focus on providing next-level location accuracy, excellent hardware, and unrivaled support. That won’t change. But this partnership unlocks so many wonderful opportunities that can help accelerate our plans to provide you with the next generation of location-aware family security solutions. After closing the transaction with Life360, our users will continue to be supported, and our services will grow even more capable.

Together, Jiobit and Life360 have big plans for the future, and we can’t wait to share more details.

As always, thank you for being a part of the Jiobit Story over the years. We are just as motivated and inspired today as we were day one, but with a whole lot more peace of mind.

Up and to the right,

John Renaldi, CEO, Jiobit

John Renaldi & the Jiobit Team


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Jiobit News
Jiobit will be joining Life360
April 26, 2021
Life360 to acquire Jiobit to expand location, safety, and security capabilities for families and caregivers. Today we are thrilled to announce that Jiobit will be joining Life360. The modern family life is evolving, and Life360 sees the priority and focus that we are putting into Jiobit’s hardware and integrated software solutions. A partnership just makes sense.
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