Mesh Networking: It Takes a Village

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March 18, 2019
John Renaldi

Let’s face it, even the best parents could use an extra set of eyes. Yes, Jiobit locates your most precious cargo, but we also believe it’s equally important to know WHO they are with. This is where Mesh Networking comes in. 

Jiobit securely connects to smartphones nearby (provided you’ve invited them into your community) so you know where your kids are and which caregiver they are near. 

For instance, when my family went to Six Flags this past weekend, my wife knew my son was with me rather than wandering around the Viper roller coaster alone. Without this important context, knowing only my son’s location would create more anxiety than it reduces. (Viper is a great roller coaster by the way)

‍Left: The Jiobit app showing Ethan is with me (what my wife would see). Right: My son wearing our prototype device (you’ll notice it discreetly slips right under his t-shirt, attached to the waistband of his athletic shorts). It’s so lightweight and small, he didn’t even remember it was there.

All this to say, your Jiobit will work better if everyone on your block has one for their kids.

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