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Product Updates
March 18, 2019
John Renaldi

I’m incredibly excited to update you on fantastic progress the Jiobit team has made over the past few weeks. 

Product and Manufacturing Progress

Software - Machine learning software identifies frequently visited locations (like your neighbor’s house, or a rec center) and creates geo-fencing recommendations. We’re also continuing to optimize location accuracy, battery life, and complete the remaining user features. The altimeter now detects height locations in the software and location history has been added into the app. 

Attachment accessories - We kicked off tooling for all the attachment accessories and the first parts of the tool should be arriving in the next couple weeks. Watch the video below for how these work.


Charging Dock - Our charging dock design has been finalized and we’ve released the tools for manufacturing. It’s simply beautiful and fits right into your home environment. We’ll get those working parts in about three weeks. Here’s what the charging dock looks like...

Antenna - Antenna designs are notoriously complicated. We’ve managed to cram the same number of antennas in your smartphone but into something as tiny as Jiobit. I’m excited (and relieved) that our simulations were almost spot on. We have now completed antenna field testing and have locked into the final antenna designs based on tuning/measurements in the field. We’ll use these devices to submit to the FCC and other regulatory agencies. Additionally, we have seen radio performance that exceeds most wearables in the market and is on par (if not exceeds) that of most smartphones. 

Accelerated life testing (ALT) - Let’s face it, your child isn’t going to use Jiobit with white gloves. Our product must withstand a very demanding environment. This means we need to simulate years of usage to make sure it holds up. 

We do this with tests called Accelerated Life Testing. This accelerates years of usage (drop testing, heat/humidity, water submersion, etc). We have completed these tests and made a number of small tweaks to the mechanical design to ensure additional reliability. We’ve also tinted the coloring slightly to help hide any scuffs your Jiobit may receive over the years. Don’t worry though, it can be cleaned with a damp rag or an alcohol wet wipe.

Cellular quality of service - After extensive testing, we decided to move to a different SIM technology and firmware that allows for a much quicker connection to cellular networks. For example, with our previous tech, about 25% of users needed 3+ minutes to connect to network when coverage is spotty. With the new tech and firmware, users will be able to connect to a network in ~30 seconds, regardless of signal strength. 

Packaging - Our first design prototype has been completed and samples are arriving in 10 days. 


Thank you for your support. As always, drop us a line if you want to connect:


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