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January 18, 2021
Ethan Krupp
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For the last year, thousands of families have begun using Jiobit and loving the peace of mind it brings. A day doesn't go by that we don't hear a story about a parent stressing less about their day, about a missing bus, or even an avoided emergency. Here's what some Jio-Families are saying:

Families Talk About Jiobit, A Location Tracker for Kids

"Just had a scary moment that Jiobit helped save the day. My son was supposed to get off the bus at my moms house due to her having surgery. School officials got on the bus to make sure the bus driver (unfortunately a sub) knew the address and that this was a different house than normal. I used the Jiobit to track him and when I got a notification that Josh had arrived at home I knew something had gone wrong. We were able to live track him to see he was walking down the street towards my moms and his therapist was able to go pick him up. Thankfully he was safe but the Jiobit let us know exactly where he was so we could pick him up. He was scared but proud of himself for knowing to walk to granny’s house." -Jody, Louisville, KY

"Jiobit truly helps you have peace in mind when they are not around. I love the idea of Rowan using it when we are out shopping or even walking to the park. It only takes a blink of an eye for something terrible to happen. They can wear the Jiobit anywhere from their shirt to their shoe. Let’s keep our children safe with Jiobit ♥️" -Mirza Faith

"As a mom, the best thing is having peace in mind that your kids are in trusted place, am I right? I'm so so glad that I got a chance to use Jiobit device. Now that I can find my daughter anywhere: indoors, outdoors, up and down using Jiobit app." -Vannie Tran, Arizona

Jiobit being worn by an active toddler

“This new and VERY compact GPS device is what we have been using for Alex and Jamie. They keep it on them at all times, even when they run races!! Vigilance is a number one priority for us and this little device has been awesome for our peace of mind.” - Robyn Schneider

“It's not easy to get my nonverbal son, Aaron, to wear a GPS tracker due to sensory issues with clothing and jewelry. I finally found a pair of shoes that he can't slip out of and they’re the perfect place for his Jiobit tracker!” Donna, Merritt Island, FL

"I highly recommend it. My 4 year old daughter just started preschool and rides the bus there from daycare. There were some bus issues on the first day of school and an hour after she had left school, she still hadn't been dropped off back at daycare which is two blocks from the school. So glad she was wearing the Jiobit so I knew exactly where she and the bus were at because when I contacted the bus company they were less than helpful. It was upsetting but would have been a million times worse had I not known where my child was at." -Shannon, Kansas

"Highly recommend the Jiobit. It’s small in size and lightweight. My son wears it using the belt clip. He can’t take it off. I love knowing where he is at all times when I am not with him. Gives me a greater piece of mind dropping him off at school." -Jenn (Facebook review)

"Our 3 year old wears it on his shoe laces. We decided it was needed because he is non verbal and unable to tell a bus driver which stop is his. One day the bus took an hour to come home instead of 15 minutes. We were able to find his exact location and have some peace of mind." -Cheryl (Facebook review)

"Jiobit tracker has been a game changer for me. For years I’ve tried out various products to keep tabs on a disabled adult family member without anything being efficient, easy to use or functional in the way I needed. We’ve been so pleased with our Jiobit tracker which we began using a few months ago - would highly recommend it and am so thankful for this product." -Julia (Facebook review)

"My 2 yr old Autistic son who is a runner, has no concept of danger and has a receptive language disorder had got out the front door. The Jiobit’s “Mobile fence” alerted me that he was out side of the range I had set up!!! Jiobit might have just saved his life! (and mine 😢) You can’t put a price on your loved ones’ life! Thank you Jiobit. #TREYrific" -Mandy (Facebook review)

Jiobit being worn by two active kids

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