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December 14, 2020
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iOS13 is Apple’s latest software update for iPhones and includes new location permission settings which impact all location sharing applications. Although Jiobit has not made any changes, the ideal settings with iOS13 are detailed below to ensure you can access all of Jiobit’s features.

Step 1: When you set up Jiobit’s app on iOS13 for the first time, you will see the screens below. Select the options circled in red. (If you are an existing Jiobit customer upgrading to iOS13, please skip to Step 3.)

Click OK when iOS asks to use Bluetooth. Click Allow While Using App when asked to access your location.

Step 2: Go into your Settings and scroll down until you see the Jiobit app. Click into it and select the options circled in red to change location access to “Always.” Also, on this same screen make sure that Bluetooth is allowed access (GREEN). Jiobit does not share your information with any third parties.

Go to settings and change the location permission to always

Step 3: Apple will periodically send you pop-up messages to confirm that you would like to continue sharing your location information with Jiobit. Select “Always” each time to ensure you can continue to access all of Jiobit’s features.

Apple will remind you that Jiobit is using your location. Tap Always Allow.
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