From WIRED: “I've tried the Monkey Kid sensor and the Relay, but the Jiobit is still my favorite.”

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January 18, 2021

WIRED has rounded up the best gear for traveling with kids - something most of us know is no small feat. “Hitting the road with babies, toddlers, or young kids is no picnic—even if food is involved.” From headphones to car seats to strollers - this article gives a bunch of awesome tips for parents on the move.

When it comes to tracking devices, the writer has some reservations - “I have mixed feelings about tracking my kids, but I've never been as terrified as the moment I lost sight of my preschooler at a neighborhood parade.” Oddly enough, a very similar experience lead to the creation of Jiobit just a few years ago. Our founder realized the need for a product that was small, lightweight, and secure. Turns out, many other parents across the world have recognized they could use a little help when it comes to staying on top of their little ones.

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Jiobit will be joining Life360
April 26, 2021
Life360 to acquire Jiobit to expand location, safety, and security capabilities for families and caregivers. Today we are thrilled to announce that Jiobit will be joining Life360. The modern family life is evolving, and Life360 sees the priority and focus that we are putting into Jiobit’s hardware and integrated software solutions. A partnership just makes sense.
Jiobit News
Jiobit Announces Jiobit Protect™, a Personal Safety Service with a Direct Link to 911 Dispatch Centers
March 3, 2021
Jiobit users will be able to quickly notify first responders of emergency situations and provide them with essential information such as medical conditions along with a real-time location stream. The integration will work in tandem with Jiobit’s alert button and new 24/7 monitoring service.
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Jiobit N100 PAPR as part of the Chicago Rapid Response team.
May 4, 2020
For the past two months the Jiobit Hardware team has been working tirelessly to create PPE solutions for our healthcare and essential workers during this pandemic. With the anticipated PPE shortage and current demand outstripping supply, the team focused on solutions that use standard off-the-shelf parts and 3D rapid prototyping to create Face Shields and Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR) systems that can be assembled easily and anywhere in the world.
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