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Curious where they always wander off to?

Jiobit is the lightweight location monitor they'll never notice.

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Jiobit Location Monitor and App for Cats
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Jiobit Next

The next gold standard in location sharing.

Built on an entirely new, next-gen low-power 5G network. The best personal location monitor just got better.

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What makes Jiobit Next, so next?

Stay connected while getting long-lasting battery life.

Receive smart notifications based on location
Check in when needed with access to live tracking.
Security you can trust with Government-level encryption at every touchpoint
Jiobit is about the size of a half-eaten cookie. Delicious!

Jiobit is the smallest, long-lasting, real-time location tracker.

It is so small, we had to take a bite of this cookie just to prove it. And it's so light, we almost ate the tracker. Please don't eat your Jiobit.

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Jiobit Location Monitor on a Cat

I am going to tell you about our experience of traveling with a cat on a trip of more than 36 hours. I bought our cat a gps that I put on her collar, the gps is called @jiobit and I bought it on Amazon, it is excellent, I also bought another one for my youngest daughter, it works...

Jiobit Location Monitor on a cat

We recently added @jiobit GPS trackers to our safety set-up for catexploring. We’ve had some questions about their size & weight - they are about the size of an Oreo cookie & weigh less than a large Reese’s peanut butter cup (can you tell our pawrents like sweets😹). @jiobit recently...

Jiobit on a Main Coon

Latavius Janikowski modeling his GPS, cellular, and Bluetooth enabled Jiobit collar. Get one for your pet, it is really a great way to keep track of them at home or on the road...

Jiobit Location Monitor on a Cat

As some of you know from previous posts, my human has been trying to find the purrfect tracker for me, especially since we travel often together and she lets me free roam wherever we go. I don’t usually stray very far from our van but there have been a few occasions that I have wandered off for longer than my human likes. Well, we finally found a tracker that works thanks to...


Check on your cat at any time.

Go ahead and let them explore. You'll know exactly where they are.
The Jiobit app

Real-time tracking at any distance

Get real-time alerts about your cat's location no matter where they are or how far they are.

The Jiobit App for Cats

Custom geofencing

Set up Trusted Places like home or the vet so you’re alerted if your cat escapes or wanders away.

The Jiobit App for Cats

See exactly where they went

What are you gonna do, follow them around everywhere? Well, yeah.

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The Jiobit App for Cats


See every sneaky little step. Turn by turn.

Ever wonder what they do when they wander off during the day? Maybe they have another family. Maybe they have a job. Now you can find out if Pickles is actually a secret agent for the CIA, like you've always suspected.

Trusted Places

Get notifications when they come or go from any place you choose.

Now you can keep tabs on your tabby, and know when they've left. Even more comforting, get an alert when they've arrived back home, too. Oh good, you can take the bell off their collar.

The Jiobit App for Cats
The Jiobit App for Cats

Bluetooth Alert

Keep them close without chasing them down.

Catexploring just got a little less stressful. If they wander too far, Jiobit will make sure you know about it right away. No more panic.

The world's smallest, long-lasting location monitor.

Jiobit is the first-of-its-kind patented location tracking platform that uses Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cellular and GPS

Durable, water-resistant, with up to one week of battery life
Track location across more than 146 countries
Save on monthly service when you buy more than one Jiobit
Unlimited nationwide data with up to 2 consecutive weeks of global roaming
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Jiobit Location Monitor, charging dock and cable, hem-lock click, and secure loop