How Jiobit Keeps Your Kids Safe While Traveling

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April 12, 2022
Mariah Gura
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The Jiobit GPS tracker not only brings you peace of mind during your child’s everyday routine, but it is just as beneficial while traveling. Your child’s safety is always your top priority, and although you have eyes on them at almost all times, a split second is all it takes for a child to wander off. These few seconds of not knowing their whereabouts are alarming - especially when in an unfamiliar area. That's where the Jiobit GPS tracker can help. Read on to learn how Jiobit can help keep your kids safe while traveling.

Always know their location

You already have a long list of preparations to remember throughout your trip such as planning meals, excursions, what to pack, etc. Having to remember to power on your child's GPS tracker is one less thing you’ll need to worry about. The Jiobit GPS tracker cannot be powered off which is helpful because you never know when you’ll need it. That way you are always connected, even when on the go.

Whenever you need to check-in, you’ll have accurate location information readily available on your smartphone.

Locate them as quickly as possible from anywhere 

There are no distance limits with Jiobit. Whether you are in the same theme park as them, or on the opposite side of the country, Jiobit will still report precise location.

Jiobit uses a unique combination of Bluetooth, WiFi, cellular, and GPS. This enables real-time tracking so you can monitor their movements turn by turn and second by second. We call this feature "live mode”.

Keep them close in crowded areas

Airports often seem chaotic with the crowds of people passing through. When you’re in a busy airport, use Jiobit’s proximity alert feature to make sure your child doesn’t wander off.

This feature isn’t just for airports; enable it in any crowded place. For example, if you’re at a theme park such as Disney, enable this feature to create a tighter virtual boundary. Even if your child is just around the corner giving Mickey Mouse a hug, you'll receive an instant notification that you can’t miss. 

Recieve notifications if they leave the hotel

The Trusted Places feature allows you to create a virtual boundary around any place you choose. If your child leaves the radius of your custom geo fence, you will receive an instant notification. Adding Trusted Places such as the hotel, Airbnb, a family member's house, wherever you may be staying, will give you peace of mind knowing your child is in the right place.

Know who they’re with

The Jiobit app allows you to create a Care Team to share the location of your child with any trusted adult you choose. This might be your spouse, family member, or a nanny accompanying you on vacation. Both you and your Care Team will receive safety notifications and have access to detailed location information. Not only will you see that your kiddo is at the Airbnb but you will also see that they are at the Airbnb “with Dad”. 

Jiobit connects directly to your smartphone to provide you with real-time location updates, a proximity alert in case they wander off, and additional built-in safety features so you always know your child is safe and protected. Learn more about how the kid-friendly Jiobit GPS tracker can bring you and your family peace on your next vacation. 

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