Leaving Your Pet for Vacation: Tips to Keep Them Safe While You're Away

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March 1, 2022
Mariah Gura
The Jiobit Blog

It’s hard not to worry about your family pet while you’re traveling. You can’t bring them everywhere (although we wish we could). Whether you're heading out for your Spring Break trip or a weekend getaway, you’ll need to prepare for your pet's care. Read on to learn tips to help you prepare and bring you peace of mind for your pet's safety while you’re away.

Find a sitter you trust

Friends and family are typically the easiest and most convenient options to ask when in need of a pet sitter. Think of neighbors, nearby family, or friends that are comfortable with the responsibility of taking care of your pet. You can either ask them to come into your home while you're away or see if they have room in their own home to welcome your beloved pet.

However, not everyone has the luxury of having a readily available, nearby pet sitter. If this is the case, it's important to take the proper time prior to your trip to research what options are available to you. This might mean a boarding location similar to doggy daycare - make sure to read reviews.

You can also ask neighbors for recommendations of what they have used in the past, or look on websites and apps that can match you to the right pet-sitter for your furry family member. Websites such as Rover.com and Care.com can get you started with your search.

Leave detailed instructions 

In addition to leaving a physical written or typed handout, have a face-to-face conversation with the person/place you are entrusting with your pet. Consider including these key points:

  • Meal plan: Write down food measurements and meal times (if applicable). You may even want to add a treat limit. Include dietary restrictions if your pet has any allergies or sensitivities. 

  • Walk/Potty schedule: Are you comfortable with your dog (or cat) going on a walk with someone they might not be too familiar with? Consider having them stay close to the proximity of the location they are staying at. How many times a day do they need to be let out? For cats, how often does their litter box typically need changing? Take your pets specific needs into consideration when leaving them in someone else's care. 

  • Medications: If your pet needs medication while you’re away, write down instructions on how to administer the medication, and when it needs to be given. 

  • Supervision: Some pets, especially younger ones, may need some extra supervision and attention. If the pet is staying in a home (yours, a friend’s, etc.) let them know if they need to be placed in the crate or behind a pet gate on certain occasions. This is especially important if they are escape artists. In this case, consider purchasing a pet GPS tracker so you always know their location. 

Of course, every pet has different needs. Be as detailed as possible and add any key points relevant to your own pet. 

What to pack

There’s no such thing as being too prepared, right? If possible, pack everything your pet might need and maybe even a little extra. Measure out their exact food intake for the time you will be away from them, and add a little extra in case you miscalculated. If your pet regularly takes any medication, this will be important to remember as well. Include some of their favorite treats, stimulating toys, and comfort items. Comfort items might include their pet bed, stuffed animal, or blanket (pets are like our children - they’ll appreciate having their comfort items).

Pro tip: It’s helpful to make a checklist you can refer to as you gather everything they’ll need during their staycation. That way you can double and triple-check that nothing has been left behind!

Use a Pet GPS Tracker

Having peace of mind about the safety of your pet will help you worry less and enjoy yourself more on vacation. Consider the types of features in a tracker that will be crucial to your pet’s safety. Using a Jiobit Pet GPS tracker will provide you with their location at any distance - even if you’re halfway across the country! Some features to consider:

  • Real-time Live Tracking: Unlike Bluetooth-only devices, Jiobit will provide you with turn-by-turn, second-by-second location updates. This is an important feature so you can find them as quickly as possible in the event they ever go missing. 

  • Custom Geo Fences: Receive notifications when they come and go by setting boundaries around specific locations. Include your home, pet-sitters home, vet clinic, dog park, wherever they may travel to.


  • Location Sharing: Not only will you have the location of your furry friend, but the trusted individual caring for your pet can too. Create a Care Team in the Jiobit app so you will not only know where they are, but you will also know who they are with. Your Care Team will be able to view your pets location and also will be notified as they come and go. 

  • Location History: Curious about your pet's activity while you’re away? A feature such as Timeline in the Jiobit app provides you with 7 days worth of consecutive detailed location history.

Learn more about the award winning pet location monitor and why it's Rover’s top pick here.  

Try to relax!

Easier said than done, we get it. Your pet is your LIFE but you also have a life of your own - you deserve to enjoy yourself on vacation! Communication and preparation are key. Find a sitter you trust, leave detailed instructions, use a pet GPS tracker for peace of mind…and go have fun! 

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