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March 23, 2022
Stephanie Burda
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It’s finally happened: after what feels like decades of your children pestering you about getting a family dog, you’ve decided to give in to their begging and pleading. 

Only good can come out of this, right? A puppy teaches responsibility and keeps everyone active. They reduce stress (after they’re potty-trained, of course) and dramatically improve our worst days. They might even help us live longer!

Since it’s too late to turn back now (you were doomed to a life of cuteness as soon as you saw that little face)-- what’s there to do? How do you prepare for the day you get to bring your new puppy home? Check out our puppy preparation guide and take the necessary steps to prepare your home for the newest member of the family. 

What to Buy

This part is easy! Make sure to have everything you need prior to bringing your puppy home– you’ll be busy enough without having to add extra trips to the store. 

  • Food and water bowls
  • A wire crate of the appropriate size for crate training and a sleep routine
  • A secure travel crate
  • Soft bedding for the crate
  • Safe chew toys
  • The same food your puppy has been eating (at least to start)
  • Collar, ID tags and leash
  • Brushes, grooming tools and gentle shampoo
  • Puppy pads for potty training
  • Waste bags for walks

Bonus tip– if you can bring home a blanket or soft toy with the mother’s scent, the transition home may be a little easier on your puppy. 

Puppy Proof Your Home and Yard

Just like a human child, your puppy will be prone to getting into things they shouldn’t get into. To protect your pup (and your place), you’ll need to puppy-proof as much as you can before bringing them home. Make sure to complete the following in order to thoroughly puppy-proof:

  • Move fragile furniture out of the way– your puppy has the potential to be very active and excited, and you don’t want them to knock anything over or injure themselves
  • Gate off stairs until your pup is more coordinated
  • Keep wires, shoes, and other objects up and out of the way
  • Get rid of your toxic houseplants, or keep them out of reach 
  • Lock cabinets that contain food, medicines, and cleaning supplies 
  • Use a garbage can with a lid to keep them out of the trash

You’ll likely find other things along the way that your puppy wants to get into– continue to adjust until your dog matures out of this stage. 

Establish House Rules

From day one, you’ll want to be consistent with your new puppy at home. This means that members of your family need to all stick to the same rules and structure in order for your puppy to learn. 

Set boundaries for your puppy from the beginning. If they’re not allowed on the furniture or certain parts of the house, establish that as soon as they come home. We get that there may be moments where exceptions need to be made, but try to be as consistent as possible. 

Find A Veterinarian 

Did you know that a puppy needs to be wormed every two weeks until it is 12 weeks old? There are plenty of other veterinary expenses that add up over the course of a dog’s life, including: 

  • Flea and tick preventatives
  • Annual checkups and vaccinations
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Spaying/neutering 

Microchip implants are a popular safety precaution many pet owners take and certainly a good idea to talk to your vet about as well. It is a tiny chip with a unique registration ID to be inserted in between your pup’s shoulder blades. If your dog is lost, a shelter, animal control agency, or veterinarian can scan for the chip and contact the owner associated with the registration. If you decide to take your puppy in for microchipping, wait until they’re at least eight weeks old. One thing to note is that a Microchip is not a GPS tracking device and it will not provide your pet's location information in the event they do go missing. 

Make a Training Plan

Start the basics at home, but know how you’re going to proceed with more advanced training. Teaching them simple obedience like “sitting” and walking with a leash can make your first walks a lot more manageable if you make your training consistent. 

Potty training is another one of those high-priority tasks you’ll need to start on right away. We recommend reward-based training instead of punishment for accidents. With enough patience, your puppy can be potty-trained within 4-6 months (although some dogs can take up to a year). You’ve got this! 

Keep Your Pup Safe with a Pet GPS Tracker

Once you finally bring your new puppy home, you won’t be able to imagine what life was like without them. Keeping them safe at home–and while you’re on the go–will soon top the list of priorities. 

A GPS location tracker can be one way to keep your pup safe and accounted for. The right device attaches to your dog’s collar and pairs with a smartphone app to track at any distance. It should be light enough to accompany the most active pets, with a battery life that you can depend on. 

Before you bring your new puppy home, learn more about the Jiobit GPS tracker for pets, and how it can work to keep even the most active pet safe. 

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